Sichuan won Qingdao 9 consecutive defeats by Franklin 51+18+13 Gibson 24 points

 Sichuan won Qingdao 9 consecutive defeats by Franklin 51+18+13 Gibson 24 points

On the evening of January 22, Beijing time, the 34th round of CBA regular season Qingdao team played against Sichuan team at home. After the four-quarter battle, Sichuan defeated Qingdao 121-112, ending its nine-game losing streak. The score of the four sections is 32-22, 25-37, 33-29 and 22-33 respectively (Qingdao team is in the front).

Before the match, Qingdao team won 10 wins and 23 losses. Sichuan team suffered 9 consecutive defeats after losing to Liaoning team in the last round, ranking third from the bottom of the scoreboard with 7 wins and 26 losses.

Game playback:

After the beginning of the first quarter, Franklin dominated the attack of Sichuan Team, while Johnson and Zhang Chengyu arranged most of the scores for Qingdao Team, which once led Sichuan Team by 16-8. But then Thompson and Mengda jointly launched an offensive, while Qingdao team relied on Zongzan and Yang Jinmeng to score from inside to outside. At the end of the first quarter, Qingdao was 32-22 ahead of Sichuan by 10 points.

In the final quarter, Franklin equalized with a jump shot. Johnson dunked heavily under the basket, Franklin and Mengda jointly contributed to Sichuan Team, and Sichuan Team regained the leading edge in the half-quarter competition. After Li Keqiyuan hit, Franklin rebounded and dunked, Qingdao team fell into scoring shortage, and Sichuan team pulled the double-digit difference. Eventually, Sichuan won 121-112 away, ending its 9 consecutive defeats.

Qingdao: Johnson, Zhai Yi, Wang Qingming, Zhou Zhandong, Zhang Yongyu

Sichuan: Thompson, Chen, Zuo Yunnian, Franklin, Huang Rongqi