Haiyun Palola scored a penalty kick at Vankerons home court in the second quarter but lost Ufa

 Haiyun Palola scored a penalty kick at Vankerons home court in the second quarter but lost Ufa

First section: You come and I shoot at the end of the Ufa Forward Festival.

After five games and five games, our playersphysical fitness declined slightly, focusing more on defense. However, just 1.5 minutes before the end of the first quarter, Ufa No. 9 Rebin shot a long shot through the front of the 17 Solodoxin mat to break the deadlock. At the end of the first quarter, Vankeron was one goal behind Ufa for the time being.

Secondary section: Vankeron counter-attack Haiyun Palola help counter-surpass

At the beginning of the second section, Vankeron, who is lagging behind, strengthened the fight in front of the door, but his opponent was unwilling to show weakness. He seized the opportunity to make a counter-attack by taking advantage of his physical advantages. The two sides wrestled until the middle of this section, Ufas Galleyev got a good shot opportunity, but his ball missed the goal, this attack really shocked Vankoron players out of a cold sweat.

This section of the game to 12:30, Lovquist shot near the Blue Line vigorously, the ball bounced in front of the goal to Haiyun pole, he scored the ball to equalize the score, the two teams back to the same starting line! After the goal, Vankeron strengthened the offensive, and caused Ufa players to foul in 35 minutes and 35 seconds. We got the first chance to play more or less in this game. At the end of six seconds more or less this time, it was Lovquist who fired a long-range gun. No. 34 in front of the door, Palola seized the opportunity to shoot back and help the team 2-1 overtake the score! In the rest of the next quarter, Vankeron players dare not easily let the other side rewrite the score, so that after the end of the two quarters, Vankeron team temporarily 2-1 ahead of Ufa team.

Final/Overtime/Penalty: 4 Defense, 5 Missing Penalty

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