Zhang Yixing laments the impetuous media in the market: Who regards star-making programs as gambling?

 Zhang Yixing laments the impetuous media in the market: Who regards star-making programs as gambling?

Although it was delayed for three days for some reasons, the second season of Idol Practitioner Youth You was broadcast on the evening of January 21, which quickly occupied the top three microblog topic search lists, and the content related to the players was constantly refreshing the hot search lists.

However, it is embarrassing that some practitioners are not good enough to attract audiences in terms of viewability. These voices say that they love music, have dreams, and want to let more people know that many of their practitioners only trained for a month or two, or even 10 days to participate in the program. So its not surprising that the whole course is different in tune, singing and dancing. Therefore, as a youth producer, Zhang Yixing went on the rampage and accused the practitioners of not knowing what to do here. January 22, Zhang Yixing sighs about the impetuosity of the market is on the hot search.

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It is interesting to note that lament the impetuosity of the market is spoken in the program, and this group of trainees is also selected by the program group. There are only two possibilities for this strange scene: either the audition of the program group fails to pass well, resulting in serious disqualification of the performers, and the program is horrible. Otherwise, the program intentionally creates the scene of a car accident and then provokes the instructor to create an effect in order to create a topic for wide attention.

But even in order to create the effect of the program, it is still amazing to create such a scene. A program with Dream Making as its core concept claims to create practice in four months, and now accuses practice students of not working hard enough and impetuous market, which is no different from the logical self-paradox. Although the slogan strive harder, be better has appeared in the program many times, the Star-making program itself shows rapid and miraculous growth and debut.

Efforts cant be performed as a show. The popularity of star-making shows is the best proof of the impetuosity of the market itself. Essentially, todays practitionersprograms are nothing more than capital games between brokerage companies and program portfolios. The brokerage company sends all kinds of star-making programs with the mentality of gambling at the stage when the trainees have no basic literacy. They will feel that in todays distorted market, who fire is really hard to say, in case of fire? There is no real loss to the company, just a few interns.

For the program group, in order to reduce costs, choose to cooperate with brokerage companies, it can omit the selection of candidates. Anyway, its just a matter of eliminating more rounds. Its no big deal to criticize the poor quality of practitioners. As a result, market impetuosity has become a just speech in the entertainment industry, and it seems that self-criticism can avoid being questioned as long as it is in front of the audience. But the key is, if the value of Youth with You really resists the impetuous market, how can these players who have only practiced for a short time and have low ability be put into the studio?

Market impetuosity is a fact of the industry, and the atmosphere of an industry is precisely created by everyone and every link in it. In any case, this account can not be counted on practitioners. After all, they only practiced for ten days and a half months, and they are far from insiders.

Source: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310, responsible editor of Beijing News