The young girl was robbed late at night with a knife. Her enthusiastic friend stood up and subdued the gangsters.

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 The young girl was robbed late at night with a knife. Her enthusiastic friend stood up and subdued the gangsters.

The young girl went home alone in the early morning. A man followed her into the elevator and robbed her with a knife. She was still unwilling to get the property. She was forced to enter her house and continue to ask for money. Fortunately, the male friend who lives with his girlfriend came forward in the time of crisis.

Elevator shock:

Black-dressed mans neck-pinching and knife-holding robbery

In the early morning of January 20, Xiaoqu, a young girl living in Qinhuai District of Nanjing, came home by taxi alone after work. When entering the elevator, a man wearing a black down jacket, a mask and a hat followed in, while the song was still chatting with friends via Wechat, ignoring the man behind him and the imminent danger.

Shortly after the elevator door closed, the man in black suddenly grabbed the little curly neck from behind with his left hand and threatened with a sharp knife with his right hand. Dont move, or Ill stab you. Suddenly, the tune was fooled and frightened out of speech. The other side said that he had no way out, now as long as money, let Xiaoqu quickly take out all the money on his body. But Xiaoqu didnt carry any cash.

The elevator soon reached the 23rd floor. Seeing nobody outside, the man took the song to the fire passage outside and said impatiently, Dont push me, I only need money. Men ask for 50,000 yuan, mobile phone transfer can also be. But the day before, Xiaoqu had just changed his new mobile phone and had not yet come to install payment software. Knowing this, the man became more irritable and pinched Xiaoqus neck vigorously. Out of breath, Xiaoqu rushed to beg for mercy, handing over the new mobile phone and watches worth more than 10,000 yuan.

(Suspects belongings)

Friends struggle to subdue the suspect

However, the man in black did not choose to stop. He began to ask the family who lived in Xiaoqu. When he learned that Xiaoqu lived with a female friend, he asked Xiaoqu to take him home for money. Entering the house, the man asked Xiaoqu to get the bank card. The song trembled into the girls room and signaled not to make a noise. Who knows, when the door opened, there was still a young man sitting inside. Mr. Huang, a good friend of his girlfriend, happened to come to pick up things that night. The knife-wielding man was frightened, but soon he calmed down. You dont yell, Im just asking for money. He was still bluffing.

Seeing that someone had robbed, Mr. Huang quickly stopped drinking and told the other party that the consequences of such acts were very serious. Both Mr. Huang and Xiaoqus girlfriends advise men not to be impulsive, but its no use at all. After a standoff, Mr. Huang slowly approached each other, trying to find an opportunity to come forward and save the song. The man in black waved a sharp knife in an attempt to frighten Mr. Huang away. When Mr. Huang approached, he found an opportunity to grab his opponents neck. The man in black panicked and quickly loosened his tune and wrestled with Mr. Huang. Because the man in black had a knife in his hand, he fought on Mr. Huang several times, but Mr. Huang never let go, and finally succeeded in subduing him. Seeing that the man in black was basically under control, two girls who were frightened to death came to help and called the police.

(Mr. Huang was scratched)

The suspect is short of money and chooses to rob. He is praised for his bravery and righteousness.

After receiving the police, the Qinhuai police attached great importance to it. The police of Hongwu Road police station rushed to the scene of the case as soon as possible. After arriving at the scene, the police noticed that the knife-wielding man had been subdued by the friend of the victim girl Xiaoqu roommate, and then the police took the suspect back to the police station for treatment.

The man confessed that his surname was Xu. Because he usually spends too much money and owes a lot of money on credit cards, he thinks he will go out to grab some money with a knife when he feels the pressure of life is very great. He thinks it will be quicker to get money in this way. Xu Mou thought that the young girl who traveled alone in the early morning was better to start. When he was looking for a target on the road in the early morning, he bumped into a tune which was getting off, so he went forward with evil intentions and hijacked the tune.

On the afternoon of January 20, Qinhuai Branch commended Mr. Huang for his brave behavior and awarded him honorary certificates and bonuses.

At present, Xu Mou has been detained for suspected robbery, and related work is still in progress.

(Mr. Huang was commended for his bravery in the service of righteousness)

Source: Xinhua Newspaper Network - Yangtze Evening News Author: Chen Yong Responsible Editor: Li Hang_BJS 4645