Ten-year Contrast Challenge is on fire: This generation of young people are living a good life.

 Ten-year Contrast Challenge is on fire: This generation of young people are living a good life.

Recently, many stars, NBA stars and netizens have joined in the Ten-Year Contrast Challenge from the Internet Fire to microblogging, showing pictures of the past ten years or so.

The Broken Sisters Max Kate Dellins

Lily Collins

Celina Jade

Looking at these pictures, I cant help wondering if all the stars have eaten preservatives. Time is the pig knife in the stars how useless*

Look at the stars, and look at their own, the challenge is still their own heart.

Many people call 2018 one of the most disappearing years in history. Look at all kinds of people set up after the 90s.

Isnt it funeral?

Hair line recedes at a visible speed, looks aging at a heartbreak rate. In order to get rid of invisible poverty as soon as possible, we work overtime and persist in staying up late.

A previous British survey showed that nine adults work overtime, half of them to alleviate anxiety.

Young people always think that only working overtime and studying hard is the shortcut to success, but the workplace is looking at the results rather than hard work.

Time is the most precious resource. Its the absolute truth to spend the least time to finish your work efficiently. Learning to work efficiently can save you 90% of your time.

For example, in general, we organize the data by listing it item by item, and then do chart analysis:

If you learn to use data perspective, you can switch data and charts in tables at will by using the function of slicer.

The advantage of this approach is not only to make the results more visible, but also to process the data in batches.

On the first day of construction in 2019, try to make your job more comfortable, and maybe your life will be better.

In fact, many large enterprises are using data Kanban to show the real-time business situation.

The bigger a company is, the more attention it pays to its employeesability to visualize charts.

For example, the following parking command center, used to display real-time data, is the data Kanban.

(Aliyun Data Kanban)

Such data Kanban, through Excel built-in functions, most of them can also be simulated.

If it takes you 1.5 hours to make such dynamic data at work, would it be less painful to do data analysis?

(Dynamic Kanban Made by Excel System)

This time, Netease Open Class invited Excel Senior Lecturer - Yake Teacher, to bring you a super practical and systematic Excel course 36 lessons, easy to achieve Excel white to the advanced master!

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About Instructor


Authorized lecturer in Netease Cloud Classroom

World Top 500 Enterprise Trainers

Excel Online Courses Played More than 1 million

In order to bring you a set of Excel practical skills that can be used at present, Yake devoted six months to studying the iteration method and launched a new teaching mode:

Efficient solution

Common problems at work

Many people will use Excel for summation, but many people still use the most basic way to summation, input = A1 + A2 + A3 + A4 in the cell...

If the amount of data is very large, then such a manual calculation may not be as fast as the calculator...

In this way, there will be no fewer than 30 divine operations in the course.

Designer Background

Take you easy to beautify charts

The year-end report needs to visualize the data, and the charts are beautiful, which can make you shine brilliantly in the year-end report.

However, many Excel courses on the market are more rigid thinking of charting beautification, they do charts are like this.

And the Yake teacher who has the basic knowledge of PPT design has seen too many beautiful charts, so he draws the charts like this.

With so many beautiful charts, it is estimated that the course is a kind of visual enjoyment.

Real case

Teach you data analysis thinking

Teacher Yake is also responsible for the operation of public numbers.

He thinks so: although there is a certain element of luck in explosive articles, there must be some regularity between them.

What he did was to import all the article data on the public number into Excel tables, draw graphs and compare them with past data.

If you want to see the nature of the problem and learn data analysis, Excel is your easiest and easiest way.

He will systematically summarize the Excel essence technology to teach you, help you improve data processing efficiency, improve the aesthetic level of charts, establish data thinking, improve logic and reporting capabilities.

Even if you are zero-based, you can use this course in your future study.

He eventually produced a detailed analysis to help the company achieve an increase in article reading.

Course characteristics

1. All dry goods, no nonsense

Most Excel courses on the market take more than 40 minutes at any time, and they are dull and lethargic.

In order to improve the efficiency of everybodys study, Yake writes a word-for-word manuscript in every class. In 10 minutes, he teaches you the most practical dry goods in the course content, without any nonsense.

2. Excellent video production

Keyboard shortcuts are the coolest technique in Excel operations, but they are not mentioned in many courses. Every time Teacher Yake uses the keyboard shortcut, there will be corresponding keyboard prompts in the video.

3. Charts with High Face Value

Yake teachers with design skills, the charts made in the course all have very high face value, these high face value charts can not be seen in other courses oh!

IV. Numerous Real Cases

In the course of Yake Teacher, there are many cases, which come from everyday work scenes, so that you can apply them to practice after you finish learning.

5. Exercises after class

Each lesson is equipped with corresponding homework exercises, you can start immediately after learning, to consolidate the learning effect.


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