Online Red Game Players: 90percent of lipsticks inside are fake

 Online Red Game Players: 90percent of lipsticks inside are fake

Recently, online Red game machines such as lucky bag machines and lipstick machines have become popular on the streets of Chengdu, attracting many young players after 1990.

If you play a game for 10 yuan, you can win 300 yuan of lipstick?

Can 30 yuan get a lucky box like a mobile phone?

The tremolo netizens are enjoying themselves and have sunned their own battles one after another.

At the same time, whether the lipstick or lucky box is real or not, and how much is the cost, have also become the two major focus of attention. In this regard, cover journalists visited several shopping malls in Chengdu to investigate.

Experience: The game seems simple to play twice without clearance

On January 15, the reporter came to a shopping mall in Chengdu, where the lucky box bag machine and lipstick machine were located on the negative first floor, facing the downward elevator, and the position was very striking.

Among them, the pink lipstick machine has 65 lattices, which are filled with the most popular brand lipstick nowadays. The market price varies from 170 to 300 yuan. Some lattices also put lipstick purchase invoices. The screen on the machine shows that you can win a lipstick by playing a game for 15 yuan. You can try the first pass every time.

The game is also very simple, just insert the specified amount of lipstick into the fruit that rotates on the screen. Reporters start the game by scanning two-dimensional code recharge. Twice consecutive attempts, the first pass is easy to pass, the second pass not only the number of lipsticks increased, but also the speed of the sudden acceleration, and finally failed to pass.

Undercover interview: Businessmen say 90% lipstick is fake

The reporter consulted Mr. Wang (a pseudonym) who is engaged in the sales of bag machine and lipstick machine in Chengdu on the basis of alliance. He disclosed that he currently operates a lipstick machine with a daily turnover of 300-400 yuan. Generally, these brand lipsticks are sold at around 300 yuan in the market. As far as I know, 90% of them are fake lipsticks. You can also make all the authentic products, so you have to make the game very difficult.

He revealed that lipstick machine background can set the difficulty of the game, according to the game 10 yuan a time to calculate, the average difficulty of 100 yuan can produce a lipstick, intermediate difficulty to spend 200 to 300 yuan, the most difficult to play almost 400 to 500 yuan, so even if the genuine, send out a lipstick can still earn 100-200 yuan.

At the same time, he said frankly, the lipstick in the machine is also fake, the cost is about 40 yuan, with tax-free shop to buy small tickets. Asked if he could provide a way to buy, he also said that the machine was in charge of others, and decided to buy, in order to provide a way to buy lipstick.

Verification: The Lipstick True or False Refusal Counter

Is that really the case? Reporters in an online shopping platform search keywords lipstick machine, there are many businesses selling such machines, each price from 3000 to 10000 yuan. Random inquiries about several online stores, customer service said that they can set their own winning probability. One of the stores said that the highest award can be set up once, and the lowest 1000 times to win the prize.

When asked if they could buy lipstick in a merger, two stores suggested buying lipstick directly at the counter, while another said that the price of goods A is not good, but then said that as long as they order machines in the shop, they can introduce retailers who sell lipsticks, with prices ranging from more than a dozen yuan to 100 yuan.

The clerk insisted that lipsticks were genuine and that each machine could produce at least two lipsticks a day, but did not disclose the channel of lipstick purchase.

When the reporter went to the cosmetics counter of the shopping mall to inquire, many staff members said that as long as they were not purchased in the shop, they would not accept the appraisal. In case the appraisal is wrong, we cant take responsibility. A cabinet clerk said.

Source: Cover News - Writer of West China Metropolitan Daily: Xiong Yingying, responsible editor of Shen Mengyun: Li Hang_BJS 4645