Russia filed a criminal suit against Ukrainian secret agent in retaliation for the detention of Russian journalists by Ukraine

 Russia filed a criminal suit against Ukrainian secret agent in retaliation for the detention of Russian journalists by Ukraine

Source map: Russian news agency Ukraine website director Wisinsky. (Figure: American Federation)

Overseas Network, Jan. 22 (OCN) - The Russian Commission of Inquiry has initiated criminal proceedings against an investigator of the Ukrainian Security Bureau (SBU), charged with the illegal criminal prosecution of journalist Kirill Vyshinsky.

According to Tass News Agency, Svetlana Petrenko, spokesman of the Russian Commission of Inquiry, said that while investigating the criminal case of Ukrainian Attorney General obstructing Wisinskys professional activities and instituting illegal criminal prosecution against him, Russian investigators found Andrei Pronyak, the principal head of the investigation department led by the Ukrainian Security Bureau, involved in the investigation. Some crimes. Petrenko pointed out that Proniak informed Wisinsky about the suspected charges and criminal liability, including treason. However, the Russian side believes that Ukrainian law enforcement officers were well aware of the nature of these publications when making this decision, because there was no sign of any damage to Ukraines security until Wihinski was employed on the website of the Russian Press Ukraine. Petrenko said that in view of this, the Russian Commission of Inquiry instituted a criminal prosecution against the Ukrainian national security investigator Andrei Proniak in accordance with the provisions of Article 144, Part 2, and Part 299, Part 2 of the Russian Criminal Code, Crime of obstructing journalistslawful professional activities and Crime of unlawful criminal prosecution.

According to an earlier report on Overseas Net, on May 15 last year, the Ukrainian Security Bureau carried out a large-scale search on Ukrainian staff of the website of the Russian news agency Ukraine and accused them of treason. Editor-in-chief Kiril Wichinsky was detained and formally arrested after being transferred to Helson on the 17th. The arrest and detention period at that time was 60 days, which was later extended to 4 November of that year and then to 27 January of this year. Moscow has established a network in Kiev and used it to launch attacks on Ukraine, Ukraines Security Bureau said.

It is reported that the accusation against Wisinsky originated from the Wudong incident in 2014. The Ukrainian government accused Wisingski of supporting the two self-declared republics in the Ukrainian Dunbas region, claiming that Wisingski was guilty of treason. It is reported that if Wisinsky is convicted, he may face up to 15 years in prison, but Wisinsky does not admit the charges.

Originally a Ukrainian national, Wisinsky was granted Russian citizenship in 2015. But this is not for the Ukrainian government to admit that the Ukrainian government still refuses to allow Russian consulate personnel to contact him on the grounds that Wisinsky has Ukrainian nationality. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers this practice unacceptable. Wisinsky also asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for legal aid.

On December 27 last year, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement demanding that the Ukrainian side stop the abuse of law against Vyhinski, the head of the website of the Russian news agency Ukraine, and release him immediately. In addition, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also called on relevant international agencies to respond to this issue and put pressure on the Ukrainian government.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Li Hang_BJS4645