Media: Huawei will make Super Apple the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world

 Media: Huawei will make Super Apple the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world

Overseas Network, Jan. 22 (OOCN) -- In 2019, Huawei will surpass Apple in smartphone production, ranking second in the world, according to a forecast issued by a global research institute.

According to an English report released recently by Taiwan-based global market research firm TrendForce, Huawei will replace Apple in 2019, ranking second in smartphone sales worldwide, according to Taiwan-based media Zhongshi Electronic Daily on November 21. Samsung is expected to rank first in the world with a 20% smartphone share.

It is predicted that Huaweis output will increase by 30% in 2018 thanks to a variety of product types and self-developed chip products. Huaweis share of Chinas market, which had previously been dominated by Apple, is also growing. It believes that Huawei will continue to maintain its position in the mainland smartphone market in 2019, while focusing on developing emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, Brazil and South America. In fact, Huawei overtook Apple in the second quarter of 2018 for the first time in a single season.

Apples performance in 2018 was less optimistic. In 2018, the total production of apples did not differ much from that of last year. However, sales of the new Apple phones are not as good as expected, which has led to a 7% drop in shipments this year compared with last year. And Apples mobile phone shipments in China are also lower than in 2017.

According to Reuters analysis, poor sales of Apples mobile phones in China led to a downward revision of Apples revenue forecast for the first quarter of 2009, the first time in more than a decade that Apple has downgraded its quarterly revenue forecast. Apples share price and its suppliersshare price were hit hard. The trend towards second-hand mobile phones adds to the challenges Apple faces in the worlds largest smartphone market. In Chinas smartphone market, Apples advantages are gradually replaced by those of domestic manufacturers, such as Huawei, the market leader, who also produce high-end smartphones at lower prices. In a letter to investors, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, wrote, We cant predict the extent of the downturn, especially in Greater China.

TrendForce Prediction Map (Map Source: TrendForce)

It is predicted that in 2019, Apple will continue to face the risk of being replaced in the smartphone market, and its sales in China will decline. Apples market share is likely to fall to 13% this year, and Huawei is expected to surpass Apple by 16% to become the second largest smartphone maker in the world.

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