Chongqing Wanzhou Bus Reproduces Passengers Attacking Drivers? Bus company: reported

 Chongqing Wanzhou Bus Reproduces Passengers Attacking Drivers? Bus company: reported

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Chongqing Wanzhou Bus Reproduces Passengers Attacking Drivers? Bus company: reported (source:)

On the evening of January 22, some netizens broke the news on microblog. On the evening of January 21, the bus of No. 25 Wanzhou in Chongqing reappeared the assault on the driver. The reporter learned through the Propaganda Department of Wanzhou District Committee that this matter is being verified and investigated.

According to videos from netizens, a man suddenly went crazy and beat the driver on a bus while driving. The driver then stopped to protect himself, but the man continued to provoke. The netizen said the driver alerted the police afterwards, and the incident is still under further investigation.

According to Burning News: Bus company staff said: We have reported the case, in case of any situation, the alarm is handled by the police.

Chongqing bus crash monitoring announcement: women cross the station hit the driver and hit the steering wheel

On the morning of October 28, 2018, a bus crashed into the Yangtze River after colliding with a car in Wanzhou District, Chongqing. Reporters learned from the news conference on the causes of the bus crash in Wanzhou, Chongqing, that the reasons for the bus crash were announced. According to the black box monitoring video, the fierce disputes between passengers and drivers caused the vehicle to lose control.