Programmers spoiled 6 million game projects? Client: The fabrication job was lost.

 Programmers spoiled 6 million game projects? Client: The fabrication job was lost.

On Jan. 20, Weibo [email protected] Insider Museum blogged that a game that had been tested online for two years was locked up by an employee on the server and computer, and the project failed and the founder was in debt of millions.

On January 21, the games founder, Yin Bailin, confirmed this to Red Star News and said that after his failed start-up, he had resumed his job search and continued to work, still in debt of millions. He has communicated with lawyers and is expected to prosecute Yan Feihong in the future.

On January 22, Red Star journalists contacted Yan Feihong, an employee involved. He said that what Yin Bailin and the Crab Game said was fabricated. He lost his job because of public opinion. He left another game company on January 21. He intends to get a lawyer to deal with the matter.

In addition, a person who claimed to have worked with Yan Feihong told Red Star News, To tell you the truth, when he was in our company, he showed what Crab Game described.

Screenshots of Video Game Video of Life Anger

The Game Picture of Lifes Anger

Company statement:

Six million games have gone to dust

In March 2016, Yin Bailin and other partners jointly registered Shenzhen Crab Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Crab Game) and began the research and development of Life and anger by hand.

According to Yin Bailin, Wrath of Life combines highly original RTS with wiring elimination, global simultaneous and real-time hand-to-hand combat, and dozens of real-time simultaneous screen combat, each of which is a separate AI operation.

Yin Bailin said that the game cost 6 million yuan in two years, but ultimately because the C++ main programmer Yan Feihong shut down the computer on the test day and refused to hand over the work, resulting in the failure of the game project.

On December 15, 2017, Yan Feihong refused to attend the company meeting on the basis of fixing bugs on the noon of the test day of the online test of Hand Tour Life Anger. Yin Bailin personally invited many times, Yan Feihong still ignored. After a brief dispute between the two sides, Yan Feihong broke the keyboard and left.

Yin Bailin said that by the time of the afternoon test, many parties could not contact Yan Feihong. The companys servers and computers were locked by him, and his signature was changed to big luck, crab hanging.

Crab game is an independent game developer, with only Yan Feihong on the server side.

According to Yin Bailin, Yan Feihong refused to hand over the work after the malicious disappearance on the day of online testing, which directly prevented the newly hired staff from carrying out the new work and delayed the progress of the whole project for several months. After the Spring Festival of 2018, Yan Feihong made two disturbances at the crab game office, threatening to return to work with code, but met with the collective opposition of all employees.

Until about August 2018, Crab Games Life Anger rescued for half a year, and the entrepreneurship project ended in failure.

In Yan Feihongs malicious disappearance and door-to-door riots, the Crab Game dialed 110 alarms twice, but because this is a civil and economic dispute, it can only be resolved through litigation.

Knowing the users photo, Crab Game office, has been subleased out

Yan Feihong said:

Companies fabricate facts, which are all fake.

On January 22, the Red Star journalist contacted the programmer Yan Feihong to verify the matter. He said, Yin Bailin fabricated facts, they were all fabricated, they were all fake.

Regarding not participating in the meeting on December 15, 2017, Yan Feihong said that he was solving the problem and did not hear about it. Later, Yin Bailin insulted him personally, so they quarreled.

Yin Bailin, the head of crab games, said that the company had only one single room. There was a meeting on the sofa next to him. Everyone was waiting for him. All the staff of the company watched him and called him more than ten times.

And for unlocking computers and servers, the two are also sticking to one word.

Yan Feihong, the main programmer of C++, stressed, No, I dont have the ability to lock the server. The server is a cloud server, controlled by him.

In response, founder Yin Bailin said to Red Star News: After he left directly, neither the computer password nor the server password told us that the computer password was opened by the computer to be repaired, and the server password was retrieved by other back-end friends.

Similarly, in the handover work, the two peoples views are also different.

Yan Feihong said he had completed the handover, while Yin Bailin told Red Star News, It takes at least a month for the handover, and he hasnt handed over in a minute.

The score of crab game on TapTap platform was evaluated by 63 people.

Should the employees or the company blame themselves for the game?

On January 21, Red Star journalists joined the official QQ group, which currently has 528 people.

A player spoke to the group and said that he had been in the group since 17 years, when the game was good. Later changed QQ, only recently learned from other channels that the game was yellow, rushed to the market, did not expect that this is the reason, very angry.

Although most people express their optimism and regret for Life Anger, there are also voices of doubts within the group: Its a pity that such a good product has died in this way. Yan Feihong only worked for 3 months, which resulted in the failure of a project that cost 6 million yuan for two years. I think we should look for the companys own problems.

Red Star journalist consulted founder Yin Bailin on this, he said: Deadly three months ah, without Yan Feihong, we have a much better way to go! At least it will be commercialized!

He told Red Star News that he was ready to commercialize the game in two monthstime and that the online procedure had been completed.

By doing so, he added eight months, and eventually all kinds of bugs could not be solved, no money to invest, bankruptcy.

As for these uncertain bugs, Yin Bailin said that because Yan Feihong had not handed over his work, everything was difficult to find out and his successor could not carry out his new work smoothly.

Report to all colleagues in the game industry published in the name of Crab Game

Lessons from tears and blood: millions in debt

After the failure of the entrepreneurship project, Crab Game released the Suggest to all colleagues in the game industry in January 2019 in the name of the company.

In the Suggestion to all colleagues in the game industry book, Crab Game said that the new spring of 2019 is approaching, our department in order to prevent you from suffering major employee losses, I hereby inform you.

Before the company rescued the project wholeheartedly, it could not be distracted, did not make the situation public. Now the project is dead, the founder is in debt of millions, the whole team is distressed. Our department reminds all colleagues in the industry with the blood lesson: Know the people clearly, use the people cautiously.

Yin Bailin told Red Star News, At that time, we were afraid that exposure would have a negative impact on the company. We were still making products. There were problems with the products, which had an impact on our reputation and sales.

As for why Yan Feihong got 40,000 high salaries and dividends, Yin Bailin said in his Supplementary Notes on Yan Feihongs Incident: At that time, he was eager to employ people. Without this backend, the project would be completely suspended. In addition, Yan Feihong and I are fellow countrymen and alumni (I didnt know them before). When we knew that we shouldnt have such a high salary, we rushed to the doctor, which eventually contributed to the abnormal development of Yan Feihongs mentality.

According to Yin Bailin, Yan Feihong treated him as a partner after he took up his post, and all the technology was managed by Yan Feihong. Even though he had left early many times and remained unrepentant after being reminded, Yin Bailin kept one eye open and one eye closed, taking into account the lifeblood of the back end, which resulted in a catastrophe.

At present, Yin Bolin claims that he still has millions of debts.

He told Red Star News that he had resumed his job search and continued to work. The company has collapsed. My son is just born. I want to support my family.

Yin Bailins Supplementary Notes on Yan Feihong Incident

Yan Feihong resigned due to public opinion and will resort to law

After the publication of Suggestion to all colleagues in the game industry by Weibo DaV, the relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Parallel Universe Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Parallel Universe) has found Yin Bailin, the head of crab game, to verify the situation.

According to the relevant staff, Yan Feihong entered the Parallel Universe in 2018 after leaving Crab Game.

Recently, in the name of crab game, the publication of Advertising all colleagues in the game industry attracted their attention. The employee (referring to Yan Feihong) has signed a non-competition agreement with our company, and the relevant legal procedures are being initiated. Every colleague in the industry should not be deceived by it, the notice said.

On January 22, the Red Star journalist telephoned the people concerned about the parallel universe. The other side said that Yan Feihong had left his post on January 21.

At the same time, a person who once worked with Yan Feihong told Red Star News, To tell you the truth, when he was in our company, he showed what the crab game described.

On the same day, the Red Star journalist contacted Yan Feihong again about the matter. He said, Its unemployment now. He (Yin Bailin) did it so that I couldnt go to work. I have time today. Im going to file a case first, and then Ill go to a lawyer to deal with it.

At the same time, Yin Bailin also expressed his intention to resort to law to sue Yan Feihong.

The programmer was accused of killing the founder of the game company by running around and calling it 6 million drifters.

Yin Bailin, founder of Crab Network, said that he had returned to work as a game planner with a monthly forecast of 10 million yuan. He had no house, no car and nothing in Shenzhen. His child was just about to be born. Its nearly three months before he can slow down. And all of this is given by Yan Feihong, the runners main programmer.