Everything can be disc! What is the first buzzword of this year?

 Everything can be disc! What is the first buzzword of this year?

We have just finished the inventory of online catchwords in 2018, but it is unexpected that many people will compete with a new word in the first year of 2019.

Ah! My idols new play is coming out, disc it!

National Football Team is going to play against Thailand tonight. Give me a set of him!

Ive been discarded by life.

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In short, you can see the word dish in all emotional occasions. It is extremely magical and can sweep almost everything, but what does it really mean?

The original meaning of plate is not unfamiliar to us. In Cihai, the term plate refers to the shallow-bottomed utensils that hold articles, or the things that are shaped like a plate for supporting or rotating, such as chessboard and compass.

Changchun citizens skillfully make Panzhong Painting. Photographer Zhang Yao

When it is used as a verb, it refers to the intersection or entanglement of flexions, such as cross-legged, cross-kneed, and also has the meaning of detailed exploration, such as rewinding and revitalizing.

In the field of culture and play, dish is a proper noun. It means rubbing the text repeatedly with the hand to play outside, making use of the grease on the hand to produce a translucent texture on the surface of the utensils, making it smoother and more valuable.

The tiger head in Wenju walnut is half wall. Yu Junliang photo

In our daily life, we often see some amateurs of literary and games, turning around with pearls and walnuts in their hands, making them glossy, warm and pleasant. It is said that this can stimulate the acupoints on the palm of the hand and cultivate ones self-cultivation.

At this time, the plate refers to the continuous communication between people and objects, reaching a new state day by day.

But its real fire is a cross talk.

In a variety show last year, cross talk performers Meng Hetang and Zhou Jiuliangs Wen You tell us that a person is addicted to writing and playing, so that he sees everything he wants to play.

For example, at home, there is a root carving of how tall a person is. It is carved in the shape of a dragon. The scales of the dragon are distinct. When the person sees it, he is not angry at all.

Dry and lame,

Its not round at all!

Disk it!

It was not easy to get out of the hospital. When I saw a Shoushan stone coming up at the door, my uncle walked a sanddog in the street. He got angry again.

Disk it!

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With magical repetition and funny passages, this dish it suddenly became popular.

In fact, the action of the plate is very simple, that is, rubbing it repeatedly with hands, especially something with strange shapes, rubbing it round, similar to the verb rua:

Because it is very good, the dish has also become the material of making funny videos for netizens. I dont believe it.

Tray cat

Disc briquette

Pan hamster


And the dish lipstick, the dish durian... Here the dish began to have a misplaced sense of humor, like to see a more cordial dish, not pleasant to see also forced to go up to it to circle.

Therefore, everything can be discarded.

It is also because of the flexible meaning of the disk that it can be placed in all contexts.

If you want to express your love for someone, things and things, the word dish refers to a walnut dish that you just want to hold in your hand and play with.

But if you dont like someone or something, dish expresses a strange meaning, such as whole and arranged.

For example, Discard him! National Football Team beat Thailand 2-1!

Love it, play with it, beat it, repair it... In short, as long as there is emotion, dont care what, as long as the plate is right!

The tray is like a basket. Everything can be packed in it.

In detail, the meaning of the dish is not very profound, just like last years hot skr, inclusive, simple brainwashing makes this literary and entertainment industrys proprietary term out of the circle successfully, and behind the screen, it is also a sense of humor involving the whole people.

So, did you plate today?

Source: Wang Zheng_N7526, Responsible Editor of CNN