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On the evening of January 21, Li Ya, the former CEO, was notified of his dismissal by an internal email. Then, in the morning of today (22), Li Ya sent an internal email to reply that the appointment and dismissal notification was not in accordance with the legal procedures. For a while, the CEO debate pushed a bit of information to the forefront. From Li Yas reply to the email, we can see that there is a contradiction between the old and new shareholders of a little information. It is reported that the Phoenix Department may be kicked out in this battle. But there are also reports that this is due to the internal strife of the Phoenix system. [Link to the original

Canadian media said that the United States would extradite Meng Wanzhou to Canada. The Foreign Ministry responded.

Canadian Globe Post quoted Canadian Ambassador to the United States McNaughton as saying that the United States has informed the Canadian government that the United States plans to formally request the extradition of Meng Wanzhou, Huaweis chief financial officer, to the United States for trial. In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said Tuesday that the Bangladesh Event was an abuse of extradition treaties between the United States and Canada. China urged the United States to correct its mistakes and not to submit formal extradition requests to Canada. (Global Times) [link

Huawei responded to Mengs extradition by the US side: hope to return Mengs freedom as soon as possible

In response to the news that Meng was extradited by the United States, Huawei said that Huawei took note of the relevant reports and would closely follow the progress of the incident. Huawei hopes that the U.S. and Canadian governments will return Ms. Mengs freedom as soon as possible, and believes that the follow-up legal system of Canada and the United States will reach a fair conclusion. [Link to the original

Foxconns response to job cuts: a routine business move

On January 22, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from Foxconn Technology Group (also known as Hon Hai Precision) that in response to recent media reports on layoffs, it issued a statement saying that in order to meet the global layout of the group and customer business development needs, the number of employees in different parks was allocated to the groups routine actions. (New Beijing News) [Link to the original text

Todays headline hammer? Officials say they have acquired some patent rights for hammers.

January 22 news, the media said that the headline parent company byte beating hammer, some hammer employees have been notified to sign the labor contract to byte beating. In response, todays headline responded by purchasing some patents of Hammer Technology and exploring related businesses in the field of education. [Link to the original

Zhang Zetian has sold Sydneys luxury home: a loss of A$2.7 million over four years

Jan. 22, Australian real estate website domain reported that Zhang Zetian had sold Sydneys luxury home for A$13.5 million, bought by hotel tycoon Ramy Arnaout and his wife Nadia. [Link to the original

Development and Reform Commission: There are no large-scale layoffs in the Internet industry

A spokesman for the NDRC said that since the second half of last year, there have been some reports of job cuts in the Internet industry. In recent years, we have conducted research in various ways, including to the relevant enterprises for discussion, and related industries for discussion and research. From what we know, the recruitment and employment of Internet enterprises are relatively stable, and there is no large-scale layoffs. (First Finance and Economics) [Link

Cats Eye Entertainment Delayed Listing Date: Expected New Years Eve Listing in Hong Kong

According to foreign media reports, Chinas largest film ticket business supported by Tencent and the Academy delayed its listing date in Hong Kong to February 4 (New Years Eve) with Cats Eye Entertainment. It also announced the introduction of three new cornerstone investors, including millet. [Link to the original

Domestic Tesla will be supplied with batteries by Tianjin Lishen: Panasonic will no longer be the sole favorite

According to foreign media reports, Tesla has signed a preliminary agreement with Tianjin Lishen to supply batteries to Tesla Shanghai Super Factory, reducing its dependence on Panasonic batteries in Japan. (Fast Technology) [Link to the original

Hu Houkun, Vice Chairman of Huawei: 5G will be deployed in 20 countries in the next year

On January 22, Hu Houkun, Vice Chairman of Huawei, said in a Davos panel discussion that 5G networks have been deployed in 10 countries and that 5G networks are expected to be deployed in 20 countries in the next 12 months. (Bloomberg) [Link to the original