Send an open letter to Huafang to China: I hope 1.4 billion people in China will also send a letter?

 Send an open letter to Huafang to China: I hope 1.4 billion people in China will also send a letter?

Q: Former Canadian diplomats mentioned in their open letter to China that they believe that policy research and diplomatic work in China are not only unpopular, but also involve risks. You just said that China welcomes foreign citizens to China for friendly exchanges, as long as they abide by Chinese laws and regulations. Are you worried that people dont think so?

A: Do you know how many scholars and diplomats and ex-diplomats in China who often communicate with other countries, engage in research on China and promote mutual understanding and cooperation between China and other countries? Obviously, this number is far more than Cummingkay and Michael, far more than the former diplomats of the seven countries and scholars of several countries in the open letter. Therefore, they can not represent the voice of people engaged in normal and friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries at all.

China is the safest country in the world. As long as it does not violate Chinas laws and regulations, there will be no problems in Chinas security and freedom. These people are deliberately creating a sense of panic. Are they under any threat in China? Are they willing to equate themselves with the two persons suspected of engaging in activities harmful to Chinas national security who have been investigated by the relevant Chinese authorities according to law? If not, they are deliberately making the mistake of stealing beams and changing columns.

These people deliberately publicly voiced pressure, is it hoped that Chinas 1.4 billion people will also send an open letter to Canadian leaders? I think the voice of justice of the Chinese people must be louder than that of more than one hundred people.

Scholars demanded that China release arrested Canadian citizens: disrespect for Chinese justice

Global Times-Global News reported that a hundred scholars and former diplomats had issued an open letter asking China to release two arrested Canadian citizens because the arrests would be regarded as a signal to the outside world that cross-border communication is unwelcome or even dangerous in China. Reported that the open letter was signed by 143 people from nearly 20 countries, including former Canadian Ambassador to China, former British Foreign Minister, former Australian Foreign Minister and others. In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said on the 22nd that the letter was not only disrespectful of those engaged in normal Chinese-foreign exchanges, but also disrespectful of Chinas judicial spirit and could not represent the mainstream voice of the international community.