Female teachers have attempted suicide after being beaten by former students: they do not want to teach locally

 Female teachers have attempted suicide after being beaten by former students: they do not want to teach locally

At the end of 2018, Zhao Ting, a female teacher of the second junior high school in Funan County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province, was slightly injured by beatings by former students. As the attacker was under 16 years old, the local police made a decision not to carry out administrative detention. On January 22, Beiqing Daily reporter learned from Zhao Tings father that Zhao Ting had been diagnosed with acute stress disorder and had suicidal tendencies. At present, the father and daughter have submitted a report to the local government, hoping to transfer from this sad place in Funan.

Anhui female teachers were beaten by former students

On December 29, 2018, the Second Junior Middle School of Funan County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province held a New Years Day party, and some students invited their parents to attend. However, at about 4:40 p.m., Zhao Ting, the head teacher of Class 8 (8), was attacked by Leng Mou, who had taught her, at the stairway entrance of the teaching building. According to the schools written materials on the case, the man first knocked Zhao Ting down, grabbed her hair, hit her head on the ground, then hit her on the back with a stick and kicked her with his foot. The whole process lasted about two minutes.

On January 3, the police micro-blog in Funan issued a police alert that on the afternoon of the incident, Leng met Zhao Ting in the second junior high school, followed him to the staircase on the fourth floor of the teaching building, hit Zhao Ting on the head with his fist from behind, causing Zhao Ting to fall to the ground. Subsequently, Zhao Ting rose to chase the suspect to the first floor, but failed to catch up. According to forensic identification, Zhao Ting suffered from subcutaneous blood stasis in both knees, oral mucosa damage of lower lip and scars, and no obvious soft tissue damage on the body surface, which was a minor injury. On January 2, Leng Mou was given nine daysadministrative detention by Funan County Public Security Bureau for assaulting others, and a fine of 400 yuan was imposed. Because Leng Mou is under 16 years old and has no criminal record, administrative detention is not legally enforced.

Zhao Guofeng told the Beijing Qingdao newspaper that after the incident, the second junior high school in Funan took on-site monitoring, intercepted video and images of the perpetrators and gave them to the local police station for preliminary identification. The daughter recognized that the perpetrator was Lengmou, a student who had been taught, and in 2017 Lengmou transferred to other schools. My daughter criticized him for not completing his homework in class before, and he raised a stool at my daughter when he was at school.

Attacked female teachers suffer from acute stress disorder

Now nearly a month has passed since the time of the crime, and the second junior high school in Funan has restored its former tranquility. However, Zhao Tings life is far from being back on track. On the afternoon of January 22, Zhao Guofeng, Zhao Tings father, told Beiqing Daily that Zhao Tings mood had been very unstable since the incident happened. Sometimes she did not speak carelessly and sometimes she was very excited. Today, the hospital gave us a diagnosis certificate of acute stress disorder and suggested that we treat it in isolation for one week, but we refused to do so.

Zhao Guofeng said that at noon on January 22, Zhao Ting rushed to the window because of some conflicts with his caregivers. He found that the window could not be opened and rushed out of the ward to try to go upstairs. Later we stopped her with the doctor, and now we can only keep her there.

After the incident, the Funan County Education Bureau visited Zhao Wenting in the afternoon of January 2, and the school also saved more than 9,000 yuan for her medical expenses. Zhao Guofeng said that at present, the treatment cost of her daughter is less than 20,000 yuan, but the follow-up recovery of her mental state seems not to be a problem that money can solve.

Attacked female teachers do not want to teach locally

In Zhao Guofengs view, although her daughters trauma has recovered well, but heart disease has not recovered, and this heart disease has two main reasons. On the one hand, the child who beat someone was not punished or compensated, on the other hand, she did not want to work in Funan anymore, and she could not accept it psychologically. Although Zhao Ting is the head teacher of dozens of junior high school students, in the eyes of his father Zhao Guofeng, Zhao Ting in 1994 is also a child.

She still feels unfair. Zhao Guofeng said that because Leng Mou, who hit someone, was under 16 years old, he was not held in administrative detention, and the compensation promised by Leng Mous family in front of the media had not been fulfilled. On January 10th, Lengmous mother and two aunts took him into the hospital ward without saying hello to us. My daughter collapsed when she saw him on the spot and kept crying, so we had to let them go.

Another thing that has been stirring Zhao Tings mood is the future work problem. Zhao Guofeng told Beiqing Daily that during her daughters hospitalization, school leaders and colleagues visited her, but when it comes to the beatings, Zhao Ting starts to cry and her mood deteriorates. We have written a report to the Funan County Party Committee and County Government, hoping to move out of this sad place in Funan.

Zhao Tings family lives in Yingzhou District of Fuyang City. Now Zhao Guofeng most hopes that his daughter can be transferred back to Yingzhou District to continue teaching in secondary schools. We now plan to take her home for upbringing. If we can transfer her to work near home, it may also be a comfort to her mental condition.

Female teachers in junior high school were beaten by students leaving school: 9 days in detention without execution

Recently, Xiaoting, a second junior high school teacher in Funan County, was beaten by students, which aroused widespread concern. Funan County Police released a police report overnight, saying that on January 2, 2019, Leng Mou was given 9 days of administrative detention and a fine of 400 yuan by Funan County Public Security Bureau for assaulting others. Because Leng Mou is under 16 years old and has no criminal record, administrative detention is not legally enforced.