Sun Nan was exposed in Xuzhou has many properties, why live in a room with a rent of 700 in January?

 Sun Nan was exposed in Xuzhou has many properties, why live in a room with a rent of 700 in January?

The house is not big, 100 square meters, 700 yuan a month.

Giving former things to relatives and friends is also a way to clear up ones heart, attachment to material and greed.

I think peace of mind is the greatest happiness and satisfaction.

Tranquil background music, plain but exquisite Chinese decoration, Sun Nans wife, Pan Wei, a former tour host, all dressed in cloth, teach her husband and children in front of the camera, clean the courtyard, demonstrating a return to the original way of life.

The picture comes from a screenshot of a video. Same below.

Recently, Sun Nan and his monthly rent of 700 yuan went on a hot search.

Star, 100 square meters? Seven hundred and one months?

The life of a star in the other side, Junior Three, is so extravagant that people cant understand Sun Nans poorly-off and happy way of life. Its impossible. Are these two entertainment circles?

After understanding the origin and development of Sun Nans 700 yuan rent, it was known that there was a reason why Sun Nans wife created a poor family. The couple moved from Beijing to Xuzhou in order to send their three children to a traditional culture school with 28 years of history. She wrote a book called Su Xin Ying from a family of five simple little days, which is on sale recently.

It is said that this is a book to teach people to cultivate their minds.

The way of cultivating ones mind is quite simple. In summary, it means knitting sweaters, making wontons and doing housework. Yes, your mother has been practicing secretly.

First of all, some netizens pointed out that although Xuzhou can not belong to the first or second-tier cities, but 700 yuan a month, is in any case not able to rent such a good house.

And the star who rents a house does not have real estate himself. According to netizens, Sun Nan purchased a lot of real estate only in Xuzhou. Im afraid that the purpose of renting a house is to match the people who live in poverty and happiness.

What is more terrible is that the 28-year-old traditional culture school that the three children attended is called the Huaxia School Palace. Its regularity is also questionable. Many netizens claim that the school is suspected of brainwashing and marketing in the name of traditional culture.

Admission brochure of Huaxia Xuegong.

Sun Nan and her daughter are in the Chinese Academic Palace. The picture is from Sun Nans microblog.

However, if we are willing to be poor and reduce our dependence on and greed for material things, we can do whatever we say. If the stories full of slots become a fantasy and embarrassing show created by a star family, then this pseudo-vegetarian heart reflects not the meaning of cold vegetarian life, but the bizarre scenery in the entertainment circle.

Rental families often have such a slogan: The house is rented, but life is not. I hope Sun Nan and his wife can also find inner peace in their rented house.

Source: Wang Zheng_N7526, responsible editor of Beijing News