Female college students give their boyfriends final love test papers: Send propositions

 Female college students give their boyfriends final love test papers: Send propositions

Recently, a boy from Nanjing University of Technology received his girlfriends Final Love Test Paper popular online.

Whats my favorite game? Whats my blood type? What kind of relationship pattern should I keep with my girlfriends girlfriend?... Recently, Wang Ze, a male student at Nanjing University of Technology (not his real name), received a final love paper from his girlfriend.

Because they are in a long-distance relationship, in order to find a way for them to interact, the girlfriend spent 30 minutes sorting out the jokes or topics they usually joked or talked about into a final love test paper and named it the beginning of the 2019 term test paper, among which there was a mistake about blood type.

Wang Ze got 81 points after answering the test paper, and her girlfriend said: the expected score is 90, the score is not particularly important, they are happy! Netizens joked that it was a set of life-threatening test papers and that there might be no girlfriend to answer the wrong questions!

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Wang Ze and his girlfriend have been in love for nearly a year. He is a junior at Nanjing University of Technology and a senior at a university in Xuzhou. Because they are in a long-distance relationship, Wang Ze has been preparing for the final exam recently, so he has not spent much time with his girlfriend.

The idea for this paper came from my girlfriend. Maybe its because we had a little program in Wechat before, that is, to test friendship and so on. Wang Ze said that his girlfriend thought the game of testing friendship was fun, so she gave him such a set of Final Love Test Papers, which happened to meet the final exam, together with the beginning of 2019, in order to test their love.

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On January 14, Wang Ze, who was preparing for the final exam, received the paper. He felt very curious and interesting.

Reporters see that this set of papers is divided into five topics, namely, filling in the blanks, multiple-choice questions, short answers, writing questions. Most of the questions in the blank are My style of dressing? My favorite fruit? The name of my high school? Wait a minute. There is also a question to fill in the blood group. After that, it is marked This question is wrong and fails.

Fill in the blank question is to choose the most favorite game, favorite food and so on; multi choice is the favorite lipstick or eye shadow, the most favorite state of life; the short answer is how do you get along with your girlfriend and girlfriends girlfriends? What would you do if you touched on your girlfriends principles and made serious mistakes? The final title is: Write a sincere speech to your girlfriend in the form of Lyric prose, no more than 200 words.

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Speaking of the reasons for this set of papers, Wang Zes girlfriend told reporters that because they are different places, they should find a way to interact with each other, and I have nothing to do at home during the holidays.

In 30 minutes, she finished the paper. The content comes from our usual jokes or topics that we used to talk about.

Wang Zes girlfriend is expected to score 90 points, and Wang Zes final score is 81. But the two felt that the score was not important. Its just that were happy.

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After the examination scores were published, Wang Ze found his own shortcomings in it and hoped to correct them in the future. I think I need to pay more attention to her, and then know her better and do everything for my boyfriend!

Reporters learned that the two have been in love for nearly a year, and usually rely on videos to exchange feelings. On average, they meet once a month. Although sometimes angry and noisy, but the relationship between the two has been better maintained. On New Years Day this year, Wang Zes girlfriend was going to spend her winter vacation directly from school. Then, without telling me, she ordered her own high-speed railway to Nanjing to come to me, which moved me very much!

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Some students hope to test their boyfriend and girlfriend with this test paper. Wang Ze believes that the final love test paper is different from person to person, and suitable for oneself is not necessarily suitable for other couples. He believed that it would be better for couples to imitate their own topics, and did not recommend using them as a reference. If we all do one thing, it may not really reflect the situation of couples!

After the paper was published on the Internet, it attracted comments from netizens. Some netizens wondered whether it was sending propositions or sub-propositions. Some netizens said they were very convinced. Some netizens @ their boyfriend and girlfriend, and left a message saying, Please give me a satisfactory answer, will you? There are also netizens who directly @boyfriend and girlfriend, commented: Come in and do the test paper. Come in and answer the questions.

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Some female netizens said that I dont know the answer myself...

Some netizens calculated the score carefully.

Some netizens think this girlfriend wants to break up...

Nevertheless, some netizens have a chance to break the sky.

What do you think of this Final Love Test Paper?

Source: Responsible Editor of China Youth Daily: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310