Li Guoqings astonishing comment again: Check Wu Xiubo and his lovers tax revenue! Netizens: The nose is very clever.

 Li Guoqings astonishing comment again: Check Wu Xiubo and his lovers tax revenue! Netizens: The nose is very clever.

After commenting on Liu Qiangdongs fire, Li Guoqing, the current CEO, commented on Wu Xiubos incident.

On January 22, Li Guoqing wrote on his microblog that:

Wu Chens disturbance, my humble opinion: 1. The law should not be regarded as a criminal case of extortion, but as a civil dispute case of separation fee or sealing fee. And in the future to expose celebrity privacy and ask for money should not be classified as blackmail! Calls for the immediate release of Ms. Chen. 2. Actively verify Wu and Chens tax revenue in law. 3. Strongly condemns Ms. Chen for losing the spirit of the contract, and appeals to the judge not to support her claim outside the contract and to impose penalties for breach of contract. 4. Morally condemn Wus derailment. Nurturing! In particular, condemn the loss of integrity, let public relations companies lie to the whole society on the third facts. 5. Morally strongly condemn Ms. Chen for spoiling marriage and luxurious display of wealth. 6. Ask Wu to apologize for lying. 7. After Wu sincerely apologized, the society was asked to increase tolerance and give Wu a chance to reform.

Li Guoqing is the founder of Dangdang. He is also a well-known entrepreneur. Although Dangdang is now a small enterprise run by Taobao and Jingdong, it does not prevent Li Guoqing from becoming a more active commentator. Of course, Li Guoqing is no longer the CEO of Dangdang.

Some time ago, Li Guoqing also publicly supported Yu Minhong disscomments on Chinese women, which also caused a lot of controversy.

In fact, compared with the last Li Guoqing this time is more rational, but many netizens have lost patience with him, some netizens said: as long as there are derailments, he came out.

In the past few days, Liu Qiangdong published a long apology letter on Weibo after the storm. Li Guoqing forwarded Liu Qiangdongs apology letter and expressed his own views. Li Guoqing said that Liu Qiangdongs wording did not harm employees and work, did little harm to his wife Zhang Zetian, and had a low negative impact on social atmosphere. And in the end, I also attached a personal emotional experience.

Li Guoqings micro-blog hair immediately caused the netizens to blanket the Tucao. After seeing the netizens Tucao, Li Guoqing finally apologized to the pressure of public opinion. Li Guoqing published a long article expressing that his remarks did have a negative impact, but all this has nothing to do with Dangdang, just his own personal views.

Before that, after Yu Minhongs comment on Chinas degeneration is due to women, Li Guoqing also expressed his own views. Li Guoqing expressed Yu Minhongs views on Weibo that can not be said to be wrong. Everyone just expressed their own opinions. Li Guoqings remarks triggered discussion and condemnation among netizens, and finally had to apologize in person.

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Source: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279, responsible editor of upstream news of Chongqing Morning Post