Lu Medium: Shanghai has not yet shaken off the tide of injury and illness. Shandong has advantages in physical fitness.

 Lu Medium: Shanghai has not yet shaken off the tide of injury and illness. Shandong has advantages in physical fitness.

In the past month, Shanghai Mens Basketball Team has been plagued by a wave of uneven injuries. On the evening of the 20th, the Shanghai Mens Basketball Team defeated the North Control Mens Basketball Team at home, ending the previous eight consecutive defeats, which was also the first victory of the Shanghai Team in the New Year. This victory is crucial for the Shanghai Mens Basketball Team, as coach Li Qiuping said: This victory came in time. Because if the morale and confidence of our players are gone, it will be useless to wait until the wounded are back, or it will be easy to lose. Therefore, tonights game Shanghai Mens Basketball Team will surely catch up with the victory and look forward to winning in a row. This mentality must be understood by Shandong Team, after all, we have experienced a painful seven consecutive defeats before.

Since the end of December, Shanghai team has been caught in a series of injuries. Zhang Zhaoxu, Frederick, Dong Hanlin, Luo Xudong, Liu Wei and Wang Tong have been absent because of injuries. It is this wave of injuries that has made Shanghai team fall into eight consecutive defeats, and the ranking of the scoreboard has also declined along the way. At the beginning of the season, the Shanghai team was very strong. Before the first break, they ranked third in the scoreboard with 11-4 results. From the leading position at the beginning of the season to the worrying position in the playoffs, the psychological gap of the Shanghai team is not small. Although they only defeated a fishbowl team like NC in the last round of the league, the end of successive defeats is a great encouragement to the teams morale.

Although the Shanghai teams desire to win is very obvious, the impact of injuries on them has not been completely eliminated. Shandong Mens Basketball Team must take advantage of the recovery of Shanghai Team, not to give opponents a chance to breathe, after all, this game is a postseason ticket card battle between direct competitors, the importance of nature neednt be said much. In addition, before the war, Shandong Team had one more days rest time than Shanghai Team, and physical fitness was also restored and supplemented.

In the first round of this season, Shandong Mens Basketball Team won the Shanghai Team by 3 points at home. In that match, Shandong Mens Basketball Teams foreign aid group was Motai and Goodlock. They scored 54 points together. In Shanghai, Frederick and Scola also scored 52 points. There was little difference between the two teamsforeign aid. As far as the data of the two teams are concerned, no one in Shanghai has scored double points except foreign aid. Shandongs interior advantage is obvious. Tonight, the two teams are fighting again. Dong Hanlin is still truce due to knee injury. Zhang Zhaoxus recovery still needs to be adjusted. Wang Tong is injured in the All-Star Dunk Contest and can not play. There is even news that Shanghai Mens Basketball Team is considering looking for a new foreign aid to replace Scola. Therefore, tonights game, in addition to the stable play of Motai and Lawson, Shandong mens basketball team interior local players can occupy an advantage is also crucial.

In addition, Lonely God Frederick is still the big killer of the Shanghai team. Frederick averaged 37.6 points, 5.9 rebounds and 5.6 assists this season, ranking second in the league, after Jackson of the North Control Team. Frederick scored very stable and efficient points in his three seasons with Shanghai team. Frederick scored 42 points in his last round victory over the North Control Mens Basketball Team. In this battle, if Shandong mens basketball team wants to win, it must do a good job of defense, especially for Freddite must be closely guarded. Looking forward to Shandong mens basketball team meet the brave to win, win over Shanghai team with two consecutive wins back home. (Reporter Zhao Chen)