Taiwans Culture Minister cleared Chiang Kai-sheks face in public

 Taiwans Culture Minister cleared Chiang Kai-sheks face in public

Zheng Lijun, Minister of Culture of Taiwan (United Network)

Overseas Network, Jan. 22, according to radio media reports, Zheng Lijun, Taiwans Minister of Culture has been pushing for de-Chiang Kai-shek in recent years, and spared no effort to liquidate Chiang Kai-shek, triggering protests in the island. She was slapped in the face by senior artist Zheng Huizhong on the 22nd.

Zheng Lijun, Taiwans minister of culture, attended the caring entertainersSpring Festival dinner on the 22nd, and was slapped by senior artist Zheng Huizhong during a table-by-table toast. It is reported that Zheng Huizhong was out of control because she was not satisfied with Zheng Lijuns consent to de-Jianghua.

Taiwanese artist Zheng Huizhong (Zhongshi)

Zheng Lijun was suddenly applauded, stunned and embarrassed. Afterwards, the organizer responded, Zheng Huizhong artist has apologized to the conference later, all of which are her personal acts. However, according to Mirror Weekly, Taiwans Minister of Culture was beaten and said, How can I do this. He continued to toast and waited 15 minutes before leaving. When Zheng Huizhong was asked why he wanted to beat Zheng Lijun, he said, I only give her a slap. Its too cheap for her! Ive been hating for a long time, so I have to breathe out!

Reported that Zheng Huizhong, named Zheng Xinyi, was a signed singer in his early years and was once named a female Volunteer Police singer. He was busy with police service during the day and would be singing in major hotels at night.

The policy of de-Chiang Kai-shek pursued by the Taiwan authorities led to this conflict.

In recent years, Taiwan authorities have spared no effort to liquidate Chiang Kai-shek. Taiwans Ministry of Culture and Zeng Zibis Promotion of Transfer have not only stared at Chiang Kai-sheks bronze statue, but also at the Zhongzheng Memorial Hall.

Bronze Statue of Chiang Kai-shek (Dongsen)

Taiwanese authorities promote transfer pressure Taiwan defense departments to cooperate with the demolition of the bronze statue of Chiang Kai-shek. They also argue that they do not want to go to Chiang Kai-shek, but to remove the so-called symbol of authority. In addition to demolishing the bronze statue of Chiang Kai-shek, the Promotion of Transfer claimed that the Zhongzheng Memorial Hall should be transformed and the Three Military Etiquette Team should be withdrawn as planned. She also said that the glazed tile roof pedestals of the Zhongzheng Memorial Hall are also symbols of authority.

Facing the unreasonable remarks of promoting transfer, Taiwans Defense Department refuted that Chiang Kai-shek was the first principal of the Army Officers School and had indelible achievements in the history of army building and survival and development. Yan Defa, head of Taiwans defense department, pointed out that to respect the historical heritage and the special attributes of the Taiwanese army,Jiang Gongis our first principal. This is history. We must think about the source of water and have no reason to move it.

Chung Cheng Memorial Hall (Visual China)

Jiang Wanan, the fourth generation of Chiangs family and the Kuomintangs legislator, questioned the need for a more comprehensive presentation of Chiang Kai-sheks merits and demerits. In the past authoritarian era, he only paid attention to merits and demerits, but now he only talked about them. They only used subjective ideology to present history. Whats the difference between the present practice and the past?

Jiang Wanan believes that the Cai administrations practice is not to objectively restore the past history, but only to present the part of it. If merits and demerits can be truly presented, it can truly restore the history objectively, rather than self-subjective interpretation of this history.

Hong Xiuzhu, then chairman of the Kuomintang, said that the Memorial Hall of the Central Peoples Republic of China and de-Chiang Kai-shek would lead to social antagonism, hatred and differentiation, which was unwise.

Taiwanese media have also written articles lamenting that Green Camp is rampant in the island, and Taiwan will experience an unprecedented cultural catastrophe.

For a series of de-Sinicization actions after the DPP came to power, Anfengshan, a spokesman for the National Taiwan Office, once said that since May 20, 2016, this kind of bad drama has happened on the island from time to time, and the political plot behind it, I would like to use the words we said at the previous press conference, namely Sima Zhaozhis heart, everyone knows it.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310