The man was in arrears and drove a excavator to tear down the inn.

 The man was in arrears and drove a excavator to tear down the inn.

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Men who cant get paid for their work are driving excavators to tear down the newly completed Inn in disorder. (Source: ~)

According to the Daily Mail of January 22, a excavator demolished a newly built Inn in the afternoon of Liverpool yesterday (21). Before the police arrived, the driver threw down the excavator and fled. Witnesses said that the excavator driver was angry because he didnt get the salary he should have paid that day.

Video shows that at about 3 p.m., at a newly built Inn in Liverpools Innovation Park, a excavator climbed up the stairs amid the roar of onlookers, smashed open the door with a shovel and rushed in, causing a riot of demolition. The driver took the bucket as his elongated hand, tore everything in the lobby of the Inn accurately, and vented his anger in his chest.

The onlookers cheered, and several of them participated in the construction of the inn. A construction worker said, This is the end of wage arrears! However, several construction workers were shocked by what was happening. They did not know what had happened. A foreman, like a headless chicken, watches the scene in front of him turn around in a hurry. The police arrived at the scene after receiving the report, but the driver had left the excavator and ran away.

It is understood that excavator drivers call him David because they say that they can get 600 pounds when the inn is finished. As a result, the owner lost his word and David turned on the excavator in anger. It took him 20 minutes to half an hour to destroy the inn he had participated in.

On the hotels website, the hotel has been marked as about to open, which undoubtedly frustrated the hotels plan to open on schedule. At present, iron fences have been erected near the front door of the hotel, and the police are questioning the hotel.

After watching the video, many netizens fell to the ground to support the excavator drivers behavior. They said that if he was in arrears, he had the right to make such extreme behavior, and 600 pounds was not a small amount. Other netizens said that wage arrears often occur in the construction industry, and that failure to get paid on a promised day will definitely cause trouble. This driver is likely to be anxious to use the money to pay for the childs upbringing.

Source: Look at the responsible editor of news: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310