On her way home from Spring Festival Transport, she lost her 45,000 sweaty money in her socks.

 On her way home from Spring Festival Transport, she lost her 45,000 sweaty money in her socks.

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On her way home from Spring Festival, she hid 45,000 sweaty money in her socks or lost it (Source:)

After working in Chengdu for one year, Dazhou woman Afen (not her real name) managed to save 45,000 yuan of hard-earned money. On January 21, Afen returned to Dazhou on the first day of Spring Festival. Along the way, she packed the money tightly for fear of problems, but finally she lost it...

When the money was lost, Ah Fen was so anxious that he immediately turned to look for it.

Lost 45,000 yuan of cash by the owner

At about 6 p.m. that day, Avon stood at the bus stop in Dazhou City, stopped a No. 6 bus, and went up and asked, Master, did anyone pick up a red backpack? I lost it on No. 6 bus. Can I find it back? The bus driver was very enthusiastic, and immediately contacted the fleet to let colleagues help to notice whether the passengerslost items were found on the bus line that day. According to the bus drivers suggestion, Ah Fen did not think much about it. He ran straight to the bus dispatching room of Dazhou Railway Station with his bags on his back.

At about 7 p.m. on the 21st, a female passenger rushed to us and said that her backpack might have fallen on the bus. The staff of a branch company of Dazhou City Bus Company introduced that after some inquiries, they learned that the driver had indeed handed in a backpack to the fleet. When Afen learned the news, his frown relaxed and he immediately followed the staff to explore. Fortunately, this backpack is the one she left on the No. 6 bus.

Lost owner learns from Luo Huawei

Originally, Affin arrived in Dazhou by train from Chengdu and went home by bus No. 6. Affin, a migrant worker, is not aware of the changes in Dazhous bus routes. While sitting on the bus, Afen always felt that the bus was not right. When the bus reached Sindh Square, she got out alone. Because of more salutes, my heart has been thinking about which bus to take, completely unaware that there is a backpack left in the car.

When I arrived at the terminal of Nanfang Hospital, I cleaned the car as usual, and found that there was a red backpack under the first row of seats in the loving seat. I suspected that the passenger had left it. I put the backpack in the cab and returned to the first and last bus stop of Dazhou Railway Station and handed it in. Luo Huawei, the bus driver, told reporters that when he lifted the backpack, he had encountered something like a brick, but never opened it. It was not until after work that his colleagues told him that the backpack contained 45,000 yuan in cash. Among them, 35,000 yuan is wrapped tightly in a bag, and another 10,000 yuan is packed in a sock, which is wrapped in a thick sweater.

The owner sent the Jinqi to Luo Huawei to thank him.

That evening, after confirming the correctness of the backpack, the bus company staff finally returned the backpack and 45,000 yuan of cash to Zhao. On Jan. 22, Affin made a special trip to thank the bus company for sending Jinqi.

Source: Responsible Editor of Cover News: Wang Zheng_N7526