A gangster-related organization in Chongqing has killed 1, injured 9 and sentenced 14 prisoners to death with reprieve

 A gangster-related organization in Chongqing has killed 1, injured 9 and sentenced 14 prisoners to death with reprieve

On January 21, the First Intermediate Peoples Court of Chongqing publicly adjudicated the case of the defendants achievements, the organization, leadership, participation in the crime of gangster-like organization, intentional homicide, intentional injury, the crime of gathering and fighting, the crime of provoking trouble, the crime of opening a casino and the crime of drug trafficking according to law. Among the 14 defendants, Success and Huang Jiyuan were sentenced to death with a two-year suspension and limited commutation of sentence; Wang Xingtao, Tang Haizhong and other 12 defendants were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from 17 years to two years and three months.

The court found that in September 2015, the defendants, Huang Jiyuan and Wang Xingtao conspired to provide paid escort services to entertainment venues such as KTV. Achievements have gathered the defendants Tang Haizhong, Li Yue, Hong Jie, Cao Huaidong, Cao Huailiang and so on, and gradually formed a triad-like organization with achievements as the organization and leader, Huang Jiyuan, Wang Xingtao, Tang Haizhong as the active participants, Li Yue, Hong Jie, Cao Huaidong as the participants, through the organized implementation of the gathering of fights, intentional killing, intentional injury, provocation and gambling. Illegal and criminal activities such as farms, drug trafficking and helping others, seizing economic benefits of 21.17 million yuan, resulted in one death, one serious injury, three minor injuries and five minor injuries, which had a bad impact on Shuanglonghu Street and Huixing Industrial Park in Chongqing North Chongqing District and seriously damaged the economic and social order of the region.

The court held that the criminal groups organized and led by the defendants, such as Huang Jiyuan, Wang Xingtao, Tang Haizhong, Li Yue, Hong Jie, Yang Xiufeng and so on, organized many times to carry out illegal and criminal activities, seize economic interests and seriously destroy the order of economic and social life, which conformed to the 29th Criminal Law of the Peoples Republic of China. Article 14, paragraph 5, stipulates the characteristics of a triad-like organization, which shall be convicted and punished as a triad-like organization crime, and each defendant shall be punished according to the crime in which he participates.

Considering the facts, circumstances, degree of social harm and performance of repentance of each defendant, the court made the above judgment according to law.

Source: Responsible Editor of CCTV News Mobile Network: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310