US media statistics: Trump issued 8158 false or misleading statements in two years

 US media statistics: Trump issued 8158 false or misleading statements in two years

On January 21, according to Fact Checker, the Washington Posts database, 8,158 false or misleading statements have been published in just two years since Trump took office, mostly in the second year, with more than 6,000.

In other words, Trump made an average of 5.9 false or misleading remarks a day in his first year, compared with nearly 16.5 in his second year, almost three times as many as in his first year.

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According to the Washington Post, Trump has only been in office for 82 days - about 11% of the time he has not been recorded, usually on the days he plays golf. In 74 days, Trump made more than 30 remarks, usually on his campaign day.

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Within 100 days before taking office, Trump made 492 unsubstantiated points. But by the first three weeks of 2019, Trump had surpassed that number. In addition, Trump made more than 1200 false or misleading remarks in his national tour speech during the critical period before the mid-term elections in October last year.

Within 100 days of Trumps inauguration, only 10 days were not recorded as false or misleading speeches screenshots of the Washington Post.

Trumps most misleading comments are about immigration. Over the past three weeks, these comments have increased by 300, bringing the total to 1433.

On January 19, the day Trump made a major announcement about border issues and government closures, the Washington Post counted 12 false statements by Trump.

For example, to defend the building of the border wall, Trump said, Heroin alone can kill 300 Americans in a week, 90% of them (heroin) coming from the southern border.

But the report refutes that, although 90% of heroin sold in the United States comes from Mexico, almost all of it flows into the United States from legitimate ports of entry. In a 2018 report, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency noted that only a small proportion of heroin confiscated by the Customs and Border Protection Agency was seized between ports of entry.

Therefore, Trumps barrier has little effect on stopping drug smuggling. Trump has repeatedly claimed that the wall will stop drug trafficking, but it is all self-deception.

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Trump also said: Many border security measures have been proposed by the Democrats themselves, and these measures have been supported by the Democrats in the past, including the construction of the border wall.

The Washington Post pointed out that Trump exaggerated the Democratic Partys support for border policy. Although New York Senator Charles E. Schumer and many Democrats (excluding incumbent House Speaker Pelosi) supported the Security Fence Act signed by President George W. Bush in 2006, the fence they supported was not as strong as the one Trump now wanted, and Trump had previously said that the fence of 2006 was not a wall at all.

In addition to the lies about immigrants, Trumps false or misleading statements about foreign policy (900), trade (854), economy (790) and employment (755) ranked second to fifth, respectively. Others are classified as miscellaneous (899), including Trumps claim that the media is a misleading attack by the enemy.

In addition, Trump also made many false statements in the Russian Gate survey, and claimed 192 times that it was a Democratic deception by different statements. Trump also repeated 127 times the lie that the size of his governments tax cuts was the largest in American history. Treasury data show that Trumps tax cuts ranked only eighth since 1918.

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He also claimed 126 times that the United States had lost money because of the trade deficit, and the Washington Post pointed out that countries would not lose money because of the trade deficit. The trade deficit simply means that people in one country buy more goods from another country than those in the latter. And the trade deficit is also affected by macroeconomic factors, such as currency, economic growth, savings and investment rate.

When Trump took office, the Washington Post began sorting out his remarks and publishing its first report when his term of office expired 100 days. Later, because Trump made too many erroneous remarks, he continued to make statistics at the request of readers.

Source: Author of Observer: Wang Kaiwen, Editor-in-Charge: Li Hang_BJS 4645