Turkish President: Turkey will take over security in Manbydi without delay

 Turkish President: Turkey will take over security in Manbydi without delay

Russian convoy entering Manbiji, infographic

According to Iranian Press TV 21, a suicide attacker attacked a checkpoint in the area controlled by the U.S. Army and Kurdish Armed Peoples Protection Forces in northern Syria on the same day, the second time in a week that the U.S. Army and Kurdish armed forces were bombed. The British-based Syrian Human Rights Organization has released information that five people were killed and two American soldiers wounded in the attack. But a U.S. -led coalition spokesman said there were no casualties in the incident.

On the evening of the 20th local time, Turkish President Erdogan and Trung made a general telephone call to communicate the situation in Syria, expressing condolences to the American soldiers killed in Manbiji. He also told Trump that the 16-day terrorist attack in Manbiji was a provocative act that prevented the United States from withdrawing from Syria. Turkey is ready to take over the security of Manbidi without delay. The Turkish presidential palace issued a statement on the 20th that the two presidents agreed to work together to remove the remaining forces of the Islamic State (IS) in Syria and prevent their resurgence. The two sides also continued to hold consultations at the level of Chiefs of Staff between the two countries on the establishment of a security zone in Syria. Some analysts say that Turkeys active involvement will make the situation on the ground more complicated.

Russian media said that Erdogan expressed his intention to discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the establishment of a security zone in Syria during his visit to Russia on 23 February.

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