The Royal Air Force also made big moves after the US announced its withdrawal from Syria.

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 The Royal Air Force also made big moves after the US announced its withdrawal from Syria.

Royal Air Force Aircraft (Picture: Daily Mail)

Overseas Network January 22, following US President Trumps announcement of withdrawal from Syria, the British side will also have a big move. According to the Daily Mail, the Royal Air Force will withdraw more than half of its fighters deployed in Iraq and Syria, and the number of fighters fighting ISIS will be reduced from 14 to 6.

It is reported that the British military action is in response to Trumps previous withdrawal decision, the Royal Air Force will withdraw eight deployed in Iraq and Syria next month, Storm fighter aircraft. Meanwhile, British special forces, which are still on secret missions in Syria, are expected to leave Syria after the withdrawal of elite U.S. troops.

However, Britain still has plans to crack down on Syria. British military leaders say they are still prepared to fight if they meet jihadists or if the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria uses chemical weapons against the population.

It is understood that the withdrawal of the Storm fighter aircraft, since its service in 1980, has been one of the backbone of the Royal Air Force, these fighter planes as part of Operation Shadow, almost every day to carry out the task of attacking IS. The Royal Air Force plans to decommission these old Stormwind fighters in March this year. In addition, after Trump proposed withdrawal, the British military will upgrade the remaining six storms to equip them with a range of ground attack weapons. The six upgraded versions of Tornado will remain in the Middle East with up to 10 Harvester UAVs.

According to a Royal Air Force source, the evacuation of the Stormwind fighter plane is a long-term plan, but any U.S. action in the theatre will have an impact on the deployment of British forces.

The source added that the withdrawal of the gale did not mean the end of the fighting. A senior defense official also said that the withdrawal would not in any way weaken the determination to carry out tasks in the Middle East. In addition to the upgrade of the Storm fighter, the newly deployed Royal Air Force F-35B fighter can also be used in the summer to attack the chemical warehouse. (Overseas Network/Li Meng Internship Compiler/Zheng Wenxing)

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