Underground Tunnel Training for Chinas Strategic Missile Force

 Underground Tunnel Training for Chinas Strategic Missile Force

Underground Tunnel Training for Strategic Missile Troops of Rocket Army

Where the troops are, where the officers and soldiers are, the camera is aimed. Where the battlefield is, where the danger is, military journalists appear.

New Spring Journalists at the grassroots level in the battle position, military reports of multiple journalists rushed to the snowstorm border pass, the first line of training to truly record the hot scene of the new years actual combat training. Experience the times of army officers and soldiers training for battle and fighting.

Today, lets approach a rocket army intercontinental missile unit and visit their underground tunnel training.

This is a launching battalion of a missile brigade of the rocket army, which is organizing the whole launching exercise.

In underground tunnels, dozens of specialties in the four major systems of the whole battalion cooperate and implement consistently to simulate the attack of intercontinental strategic missiles on the enemy.

Reporter Zhou Lei:

Only a few runs, I cant breathe, I can still physically, but also, our rocket army brigades comrades, their battle position is in this tunnel, every day such training such combat readiness training must be carried out, is to ensure that they can be ordered to fight at any time, todays battle position is here, in the tunnel.

This is the first strategic missile unit of our army, which has created many first strategic missile units.

In the 60 years since its establishment, the armys weapons and equipment have undergone three transformations. Its range is getting farther and farther, its accuracy is getting higher and higher, and its power is getting stronger and stronger.

Nowadays, in this missile brigade, it has become normal to rely on the position to exercise the long-term closed survival training of survival protection and counterattack ability in wartime.

Reporter Zhou Lei:

This underground tunnel is connected from top to bottom. There are many areas, which are similar to the cave we drilled when we were young. But different from that, there are many modern ventilated pipes, circuits and pipeline systems. Go ahead, it is the red area, which is not allowed for our interview. The green area can be interviewed. Next, lets go to the living area and have a look.

Living areas with functions of diet, accommodation and medical treatment are also training places. Despite the narrow space, the self-created physical training of officers and soldiers is still in full swing.

In the closed tunnel, there is no difference between day and night, no difference between peacetime and wartime. Real-time physical training can help officers and soldiers relieve fatigue and boost morale.

This is a passageway in the tunnel and also a rest area for soldiers.

This is the beds of soldiers. Although it is a bed, it is also a battle position of soldiers.

In tunnels, battle position training is diversified. Three Resistance and One Fall is the summary of officers and soldiers in practical training.

Li Junfeng, deputy chief of staff of a rocket army brigade:

Resistance to fatigue, hypoxia, starvation and jet lag training are the three main ways to combat fatigue, hypoxia, hunger and jet lag. When the troops enter the positions, they will carry out a specific training course in the face of the problems caused by high-intensity continuous operations, long-term closed survival and food shortage that they may face in the future.

For ordinary people, eating and sleeping are enjoyments of life, but for officers and soldiers, every training of three resistances and one defeat is a difficult problem.

Because the underground space is closed, we cant feel the change of nature day and night. The human bodys biological clock is prone to disorder. How to fall asleep on time and on time also requires strict training.

Lunch time, the original physical training channel, now turned into a restaurant, this bag of compressed dry food, is a persons daily ration.

After eating a biscuit, drink 50 milliliters of water. The amount of a day, if it is more than enough, may not have water next time.

The alarm sounded and the dining soldier rushed to the battle position.

Locking the combat effectiveness standard of ready to fight, on time launch, effective damage, where does the strength of officers and soldiers come from?

In the extreme environment, they continue to overcome themselves, dare to surpass their opponents, and practice their winning skills. The answer has been given.

Reporter Zhou Lei:

The interview is over, but the soldiers are ready to fight in this state, which is still going on. They told me that as long as we enter the tunnel, the strings of the war are always tight. Here, sitting, lying, walking and standing are all for the two words win!

Source: CCTV News Responsible Editor: Yao Wenguang_NN1682