Liu Xiang won the 2018 Female Media Award.

 Liu Xiang won the 2018 Female Media Award.

Founded in 2010, the Womens Media Award is also the first large-scale award with the theme of gender equality. The theme of this conference is Breakthrough, Belief and Love. The awards are given to outstanding women who have made outstanding contributions in all walks of life and highlighted the social value of women. At the same time, the awards were: Han Xiqiu, the first female chief scientist in the history of oceanographic science examination in China; Song Xian, a female recruit from the Marine Corps of the post-90s generation of Peking University; Wang Ju, a post-90s artist who challenges traditional aesthetics; Wanfang, a famous playwright; Wang Xiumei, the first Chinese expert to win the Anti-corruption Excellence Award; a female farmers representative, who ran a farmers womens book club for ten years, such as one day. Fang Hongxia; Zhang Baoyan, founder of Baby Home; Ouyang Yanwen, the first Chinese policeman to fight domestic violence; Chen Shu, a powerful actress who interprets different female roles.

Liu Xiang has always attached great importance to his achievements and surpassed his appearance. She felt that the most beautiful appearance of female athletes should be when they struggle on the training ground, make achievements, achieve breakthroughs, and be the most beautiful in the process of hard work. When she went on stage to receive the award, she walked cautiously. She herself said that she seldom wore high-heeled shoes. She wore sneakers. In fact, this is also because, in order to constantly break through themselves, Liu Xiang in high-intensity training, waist and ankle have accumulated injuries over the years, wearing high-heeled shoes is not very convenient to walk.

Next, the World Championships in 2019 and the Olympic Games in 2020 will be the main competitions for Liu Xiang. She will go all out, but she will keep a good attitude and not put too much pressure on herself. For her goal, she felt that it was the most important thing to take every step steadfastly. This calm sunshine girl, there must be more amazing strength, I believe that she will use her attitude, firmly pursue her dreams, create a world of her own.

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