Wechats new function is only open during the Spring Festival? Comments from netizens were highlighted

 Wechats new function is only open during the Spring Festival? Comments from netizens were highlighted

I believe many people are like Nandujun.

A lot of times Im scared.

Wechat notification suddenly sounded

Does the boss assign tasks?

Customers need to change their needs?

Mom and Dad are calling for you to change your head?

Relatives and friends call you to vote and praise?

Its like having Wechat Fear...

Except for messages from secret lovers

Im afraid theres only one kind of Wechat.

Can calm the nervous and anxious mood

Even feel that more is good, and the visitors refuse to refuse.

That is-

Wechat Version Function and Visual System

After several adjustments and updates

But Wechats red envelope has been on line for many years.

Apart from a few days a year, it can issue 520 yuan

The basic rules and styles have not changed much.

It belongs to stable products.


Recently, Nandu Jun received it.

Such a Wechat Red Pack


Discovered after clicking

The style of painting is different.

What is this black technology?

Wechat red envelope has skin?

Originally, recently, the registered enterprise Weixin and the certified company can customize the Weixin red envelope cover for employees!

From yesterday (January 21), employees of enterprises can get the customized red envelope cover of micro-letters through enterprise micro-letters notification and two-dimensional code.

Others company

Customized Wechat Red Pack


It is reported that the red envelope cover of Wechat during the Spring Festival of 2019 is valid until February 21. That is to say, the above specific cover of the Wechat red envelope, at present, is a special supply for the Spring Festival, and only for enterprises to open customization.

How to customize your red envelope cover?

Individual users can not customize the Wechat red envelope cover, they can only receive and use the enterprise or overseas customized red envelope cover.

Enterprise Wechat Certified Enterprises, from January 10, administrators can login enterprise Wechat management background customization.

Who can send out characteristic red envelopes?

Since January 21, some employees of enterprises with Wechat Certification can pay attention to the notification or two-dimensional code issued by the enterprise Wechat administrator and get the red envelope of the enterprises Wechat.

Who can receive special red envelopes?

All Wechat Red Packet users can receive characteristic Wechat Red Packet as long as their friends send you red Packet with Wechat Red Packet Cover. But the red envelope cover cannot be forwarded.

In other words

If your company customizes the featured red envelope cover

Employees of the company can receive special covers.

If your company doesnt have customization

You can receive red envelopes with special covers.

But it cant be sent out.

You cant send red envelopes with customized covers from other companies.

But dont be sad.

In addition to enterprise customization

Wechat Red Pack was launched during the Spring Festival this year.

Customized red envelope cover

Outbound tourists use Wechat to pay for their consumption overseas, and they also have the opportunity to get red envelopes with local characteristics. Since January 21, some offline cooperative businesses have used Wechat to pay for their consumption. They have the opportunity to get the red envelope of Wechat with local characteristics.

If you visit Hong Kong, Macau, Japan and other places in China and pay by Wechat, you will be able to get customized Wechat red envelopes from overseas, and you will be able to send them to your friends.

Netizens say

Chubaochang: Am I the one who lacks the red envelope?

Applause: Do I care about the cover?

Zombiegirl: Maybe Im vulgar. I dont care what the red envelope looks like. I just care about how big the red envelope is.

ZnBe: The key is the number inside! It doesnt matter what cover you gave me the year before last.

Cat 7: The amount is the only hard core standard for red envelopes.

A mouthful of aloe sauce: Where should I go to collect a lot of this red envelope?

Big Fire Master: You have to sign the logo of your company to pay your own money???

Daming Dingding? Clover: It doesnt matter if the red envelope is not red envelope - mainly because I like leather!

Daft_Joke: We have made two covers and used them. First, this one is free, and then another one, this one can be cancelled. For relatives and friends, you can cancel the cover of the enterprise and use the default. This depends on the willingness of employees themselves.

Cinderella: Its cute and creative. But if only individuals had customized red envelopes for Wechat, they needed to send each other as well.

Source: Zhao Yaping_NN9005, Responsible Editor of Southern Metropolitan Daily