A man smoked on a platform in Hunan and almost lost his two children after missing the high-speed railway.

 A man smoked on a platform in Hunan and almost lost his two children after missing the high-speed railway.

Smoking is not allowed on high-speed trains, which is a well-known rigid regulation. However, some passengers who are particularly addicted to smoking will take advantage of the gap between the train and the parking halfway to catch up on the platform and take a few bites to relieve their addiction.

Yesterday (January 21), the first day of Spring Festival, a father with a heavy smoking habit rushed to the platform to smoke before driving, and the result was that uuuuuuuuuu He missed the high-speed railway and left his two daughters in the car.

At about 9:30 on January 21, the police of Shaoyang Station, Changsha Railway Public Security Station, were on duty. Mr. Tian, a 37-year-old man from Shuangqing District, Shaoyang City, called for help, saying that he had missed the train and that his two daughters were alone on the G6153 high-speed railway.

Originally, he took his 10-year-old daughter Xiaojie and 6-year-old daughter Xiaoyan to take the high-speed railway from Shaoyang to North Shenzhen on the same day. After putting the two daughters in their seats, looking at the three minutes before they left the car, they thought about getting out and smoking a cigarette. Who knows, because too much attention is paid to smoking, and did not hear the train is about to close the prompt sound, and when turned around, the train has closed the door and left.

_Mr. Tian and his daughter enter the station

Speaking of this, Mr. Tian regretted and was anxious. He kept saying that he shouldnt get out of the car and smoke. He had come back to pick up two girls from vacation to Shenzhen for reunion, but now he couldnt walk with them. Moreover, his two daughters were young and had no mobile phone. They were afraid that they would get out of the car at any time because they couldnt find their father.

_Incident Station

After knowing the situation, the police immediately dialed 12306 customer service telephone to inquire about the trains conductors telephone number, and then immediately contacted the police of Hengyang East Railway Station in front of them. After the train arrived at the station, the police asked them to find two little girls according to their seat number and entrusted the conductor of the train to take care of the children so that they could not get off the train halfway and wait for the train to arrive at Shenzhen North Railway Station. Their mother then picks up the station. Considering the large number of passengers arriving at Shenzhen North Railway Station and the younger age of the two girls, they are allowed to walk to the exit by themselves, which may cause accidents on the way. The police also contacted the police of Shenzhen North Railway Station and asked them to take their mothers to the platform to pick up the car.

_Mr. Tians daughter

With the efforts of the three Metro police, at 13:14, the G6153 train arrived at Shenzhen North Railway Station thousands of miles away. Mr. Tians wife received Xiaojie and Xiaoyan safely. After learning the news of the safe arrival of the child, Mr. Tian repeatedly thanked the police and signed the afternoon train G6184 to meet in Shenzhen.

Source: Responsible Editor of Politics and Law Channel: Li Xi_N2587