Men who cheated more than 100,000 people by pretending to be policemen were recruited by grass-roots police before they were arrested

 Men who cheated more than 100,000 people by pretending to be policemen were recruited by grass-roots police before they were arrested

The suspect Zhao Mou (second left) was taken back by Zhenhai police. Communicators Map

Ningbo Evening News reported on Jan. 22 that he was a police assistant. This unique experience became his business card disguised as a peoples police fraud. Nevertheless, good and evil always come to light, and drama always comes to light one day.

Just as he was getting closer and closer to the real police identity, the Ningbo policemen, who had traveled thousands of miles, came to him. All the lies, at this moment, were torn off the camouflage. All the fantasies about wearing police uniforms were completely shattered at this moment.

The newly-recognized foreign police are borrowing money in a variety of ways.

The story begins on December 2 last year. On the same day, the victim, Ms. Huang, came to Lipu police station in Zhenhai to report the case. I was cheated by a police officer from other places and took over hundreds of thousands of yuan. Later, she said she didnt know me. Now, no one can be found at all.

Offshore Police cheated hundreds of thousands of yuan? This case, from the point of view of the police, is already unusual. With the investigation of the police, the trend of the case is somewhat unexpected, more and more out of line.

Ms. Huang said that she was Zhao Mou introduced by netizens last April. Zhao said he was a police officer at a grass-roots police station in Hetian, Xinjiang. Out of her natural preference for the police, Ms. Huang talked with him very happily and trusted him very much.

However, within half a month, Zhao began to borrow tens of thousands of yuan from Ms. Huang on the grounds of no pay, insufficient road fare and no money to eat. At first, Zhao had borrowed and repaid, and Ms. Huang didnt pay much attention to it. Later, it became more and more difficult to find money for him.

Once, Ms. Huang told Zhao that another person owed himself 20,000 yuan, which had never been paid back. Zhao immediately said, I have a way to help you recover the 20,000 yuan. At the same time, Zhao Mou said that to check the debtor, we need to do some relationship, so it will cost a little. Ms. Huang thought that the police might have a way out, although some of them were suspicious, they kept beating the money.

More and more friends have been added, and all her savings have been spent.

I trusted him so much that I thought he would help me get my money back. He sent me a photo of his ID card, and from time to time he sent me some videos of his work. Mrs. Huang laughed bitterly afterwards. I thought, how could he deceive me when he looked so good?

With the growing appetite, Zhao Mous deception has also been upgraded. He told Mrs. Huang that her mother was seriously ill and that her sister had just entered Xian Translation College. She could not afford hospitalization fees and tuition fees on her meager salary. In order to repay the money owed to Ms. Huang and help her track down other debtors, she offended the leaders of the Institute and the court, was fined wages, not to mention, and may face prison disaster.

A few days later, Zhao Mou evaporated on earth. Just when Ms. Huang felt guilty, a self-proclaimed Director Liu added Ms. Huang Weixin and told Ms. Huang, Zhao Mou has been detained.

Through Director Liu, Ms. Huang has added many people: Ma Tian, who is also the victim, lawyers who help with lawsuits and bank staff who audit funds. Under these five peoples bombing in turn, Ms. Huang spent more than 100,000 yuan before and after. With a monthly salary of only about 5,000 yuan, she finally came to her senses and went to Lipu police station to report the case.

After a period of investigation, the police can determine that this is a well-designed fraud, Zhao Mou, this self-directed. At the same time, more and more evidence shows that the so-called Director Liu and Ma Tian and other people, are all one of Zhaos efforts to pretend. Therefore, the arrest of Zhao Mou is also on the agenda.

Behind Wanlis pursuit is a mans craziness of dividing up five corners.

According to reporters, Zhao Mous fall into the net is quite dramatic - on the Zhenhai side, the police have mastered Zhao Mous criminal facts; on the other side of Xinjiang, Zhao Mou is still complacent about his forthcoming entrance to a police station in Hetian City.

Originally, the criminal suspect Zhao Mou has passed the relevant local entrance examination and entered the political examination link. At this time, Xinjiang police found that Zhao Mou had been wanted by Zhenhai police, so they immediately contacted Zhenhai police. The police of Lipu police station went to Xinjiang immediately after hearing the news, and on January 10, the suspect Zhao Mou was taken back to Zhenhai.

When Ms. Huang came to the police station again, it was still unbelievable. Comrade of the Civilian Police, I would like to ask if there is such a person as Director Liu on earth. Is there Ma Tian? Is Zhao Mou a policeman? She still did not understand why she believed in what seemed to be a leaky lie a few months ago.

The case handler warned Ms. Huang that Zhao Mou was a post-90s Shaanxi native who had worked as an assistant police officer in the police station, so these so-called working videos would be so real. Because of the lack of basic legal knowledge and security awareness, Ms. Huang has become a credit card that Zhao Mou can never brush. Zhao Mou, who repeatedly knows the law and violates the law, has sacrificed his future in order to satisfy his temporary greed.

The net of law is vast, negligent but not leaky. This is a sentence sent by Yang Yang, a policeman handling the case, in the circle of Wechat friends after his arrest of Wanli. Police said that ordinary people should learn from Ms. Huangs lessons, learn to polish their eyes and say no to all types of fraud. At present, Zhao Mou has been detained criminally, and the case is still under further trial.

Source: Responsible Editor of Ningbo Evening News: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310