Police uncovered poisonous and harmful food cases: 130 tons of old hot pot oil flowed to the table

 Police uncovered poisonous and harmful food cases: 130 tons of old hot pot oil flowed to the table

The police recovered the oil. All the pictures in this paper are provided by the high-tech police in Zigong.

Reporters learned from the police of Zigong High-tech Zone in Sichuan Province on the 22nd that in the special operation of Winter Attack, the High-tech Public Security Bureau cracked a hotpot oil production and sales case. In the past two years, 130 tons of chafing dish oil has been made into chafing dish base oil and returned to the table.

According to the police of the police brigade of the High-tech Public Security Branch, in June and July 2018, the police happened to find a van purchasing oil from a hot pot shop, often driving into an ice cream factory in Bancang Industrial Park along the beach. After sorting out, the police also found that the hotpot seasonings of several brand hotpot franchise stores in Zigong were shipped from ice cream factories.

It is understood that, because it was in the summer, hot weather, hot pot shop business is relatively light, the frequency of van transport is not high. The police did not strike grass and frighten snakes, but kept a close watch on the movement of ice cream factories and vans. Police found that in October, hot pot shops ushered in the peak season, and vans began to bustle frequently between hot pot shops and ice cream factories.

The recovered oil production machine.

On a day in November 2018, the police, who had been closely watching, followed the van into the ice cream factory. In the factory rented by a Sichuan Food Co., Ltd., the police found a large number of recycled chafing dish waste oil, equipment for refining semi-finished products, and a large number of chafing dish bottom oil products labeled with a chafing dish bottom label. The police took immediate action to control all the company personnel present. After a night of questioning, the first case of producing and selling toxic and harmful food in the history of Zigong City emerged.

The police initially found out that a catering management company in Chengdu has six franchise stores in Zigong area. According to the regulations, the waste hot pot oil should be returned to a recycling company in Chengdu for recycling. But in fact, after they recycled the waste oil from each franchise store, only a small part of it was handed over to the recycling company, and more of it was used to reproduce the chafing dish base material to make huge profits. Police seized the companys oil recovery and sales accounts from January 2017 to October 2018, showing that in the past two years, the company has produced and sold 130 tons of hot pot oil, making millions of yuan illegally.

At present, eight suspects, including Wang Mou and Rong Mou, have been captured by the Zigong police. Four of them have been detained in accordance with the law and four have been granted bail pending trial. The case is under further investigation.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310