Female Doctors Reverse Story: Smart People Dont Waste Time on It

 Female Doctors Reverse Story: Smart People Dont Waste Time on It

I have heard many people complain that they have tried hard but failed to achieve anything, but later found that this effort is just an illusion.

Knowingly, there is a questioner. She is a student of international accounting major. She is always trying to take classes and notes carefully. Her average score is over 90.

Many of her classmates dont study hard at ordinary times. They only make a surprise attack before the exam. They spend their time in attending student unions and organizing various activities.

She was puzzled why she studied hard, but it did not help her to find a job in the future. Others did not study hard, but they got more chances.

Someone borrowed a sentence from Lei Jun and said, Never try to hide your strategic laziness with tactical diligence.

Bubble study room is tactical diligence, but lack of clear learning goals and motivation is strategic laziness.

In such a society where information flows rapidly and knowledge resources are shared, a person who really works hard knows how to define his goals and improve his efficiency.

First of all, I would like to ask you a few questions that you often encounter and see how you solve them.

To make a PPT year-end report, but cant find the appropriate icon - template to match, how to do?

Planned to move at the end of the year, want to find a house near the company rent is not expensive, but it is difficult to find a first-hand source of housing, how to do?

At the end of the year, Im going to buy a gift for my parents, pick and choose one, but when I brush some valuable comments, I dont worry too much about the quality. What should I do?

Want to learn one more skill on the Internet, but always come out with a variety of advertisements, so you hesitate to know where to start?

In fact, the above difficulties can be solved in two words - search.

A female doctor who was admitted to a university in Hong Kong through self-study said, 80% of the questions in life have been answered long ago. You just need to move your finger to find out the answer.

Almost one sentence punctures the mistakes that everyone will make. 90% of the people neglect the basic skill of searching. Whenever they want to search for information, they are immersed in endless hotspots of advertising and entertainment and waste a lot of time.

For example, in our daily data reporting PPT, many data can be searched by means of data search. Ultra-convenient and fast, 1s accurate to find the information you need.

_strongly recommended to friends on the Internet, find data express_

The female doctor mentioned above is Ju Dan, a doctor of education at the University of Hong Kong and a senior branch.

This time, Zhu Dan systematically combed and summarized his experience and skills in search methodology over the years.

At the same time, I purchased more than a dozen latest books in the field of Internet, comparing, merging them one by one, and I had a hard knock with the course team for more than three months before I got the system course of 12 Super Search Techniques: Finding the Information You Want Quickly.

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What do ordinary people depend on?

Back to school hegemony?

What changes will an ordinary person get as a result of the improvement of search ability?

There was a girl named Zhu Dan, who came from an ordinary family and was in the first grade of high school. Her father failed in business, her family was in debt, and her and her sisters tuition fees were exhausted.

It is said that the children of poor families are in charge of their families early. Indeed, Zhu Dan studies hard to get through.

In order to learn English well, she crazily imported a large number of original plays and books. In the process of learning, she synthesized the knowledge taught by the teachers and her own Extracurricular Contact knowledge, and practiced super summing-up ability.

She has been able to search for information, read literature and watch American TV dramas by herself. She has learned American English very well.

When her family was in trouble, her first thought was to subsidize her family through an English translation.

Before she knew it, she had found her own search method.

As long as you use the super search method summarized by yourself to find vertical websites, you can find a lot of English translation part-time jobs.

Ever since discovering that search is such a useful divine skill, Zhu Dan has consciously applied it.

When she took the university entrance examination, she searched for the process and template of applying for the University of Hong Kong in half a day. She completed the preparation of all the examination materials in one afternoon and applied for admission to the University independently.

After going to college, Zhu Dan became the top student in his class. He received various scholarships every semester, with an average GPA score of 92, and completely relied on self-study to get an advanced English translation certificate.

Not only that, in the case of full-time work, she was admitted to the University of Hong Kong by herself as a graduate student, and passed all required courses A.

Along the way, I have not attended any training and counseling classes, nor found any intermediaries. All the examinations and applications were made by Zhu Dan himself by means of Internet search to solve most of the difficulties and doubts encountered.

Today, Zhu Dan has the enviable halo of academic hegemony: Doctor of Education, Master of Education Science and Technology, STEM Educator, Senior English Translator, Senior English Teacher and Senior Branch Professional.

Zhu Dans Graduation Photo of HKU


From Search to Search God

Search skills are worth millions of dollars

After 14 years of practice, training and evolution, the knowledge of the whole world has become a part of the brain, so long as there are specific questions, she will be able to find accurate answers.

In the workplace, Zhu Dan has a nickname - Sou Shen. Whether her supervisor has contacted her before or not, she can find the core key points by searching for Quick Start, and a large number of cases to refer to, and quickly deliver beautiful solutions.

As a result, her promotion has gone smoothly and smoothly. Every time she comes to a new company, she can be recognized in a few months: three years from the grass-roots level to the top level, six years as Vice President of Education Group, and eight years as CTO of listed companies.

In the words of Chairman Chen Zhuan:

Your family and starting point are very general but grow very fast. Personally, the main reason is that you have a strong search ability, but most people dont know, because the characteristics reflected are your high IQ and EQ, and the ability to solve problems. Every employer will first reuse the employees who can solve problems.

Zhu Dan and Professors Starting Business Together

In April 2015, Zhu Dan plans to invest in Shenzhen real estate.

After receiving the photo and address of the house sent by the intermediary, Zhu Dan did not go to see the house immediately, but searched for relevant information on the Internet.

Found near a real estate to open high-speed rail to Hong Kong, Zhu Dan decided to buy the house that night, as the first group of householders.

In the sixth month, Zhu Dan sold his house and earned the first barrel of gold in his life.

This makes Zhu Dan an intelligence tracker in the eyes of his friends. Once he encounters such major events as buying a house, investing, studying abroad, he will ask Zhu Dan to search for it first, lest he should miss the important first-hand information and miss the opportunity.

Zhu Dan and his friends


80% of the questions have been answered long ago.

What technology can do doesnt waste time on itself

For us ordinary people, we have to ask questions when we dont understand many things. Compared with asking real people, the answers of search engines are faster, more comprehensive and even more informative.

In an interview, Zhu Dan said, In this process, search is the most helpful to me, to a lesser extent, search, to a larger extent, information literacy.

What technology can do, she will not do it by herself.

For example, to give a simple example, when searching for materials in search engines, adding a few English words can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Five Simple Search Commands

1. Conversion of Spoken Search into Key Search

2. Filetype: Restrict file type

3. Keyword 20xx.. 20xx, time limit

4. Subtraction sign: does not contain a key word

5. intitle: qualified keywords

Logically, it should be the basic skills of the Internet that you delve into before you learn anything else.

In terms of core function and ultimate effect, it can make you a fast-growing search capability and find what you want to find.

In October last year, Zhu Dan was on the road for just three months, becoming the top branch in the field of education and a number of search experts in China.

_Students Evaluation of Zhu Dan

In life and work, there are so many small things that benefit from searching.

For example:

Before job-hopping, make a detailed background survey of the company to understand the future bosses, colleagues and so on.

Before going to the hospital, we should have a clear understanding of the etiology, pathology, hospital and doctor.

Quickly find the bulls in the professional field and establish the connection.

Help my girlfriend find many foreign niche brand direct sellers to avoid being exploited by various purchases on behalf of others.

One Click to find various research reports, materials, templates, pictures, movies and TV dramas, software resources... Wait.

Course characteristics

1. Massive resources are at your disposal: 1,000 downloads from vertical search websites are directly accessible; 1-click downloads of various high-quality PPT templates, PPT documents, e-books, postgraduate entrance examination materials; 1-click downloads of well-known literature, writing materials, discount shopping, film and television series.

2. Create an efficient thinking mode: Super-practical skills to explain the whole process, help you create the ultimate search thinking and logic of how to solve problems efficiently, learn is to earn.

3. Strong practicability: Practical style, not to talk lies, only to dry goods, the practical value of the course is full marks! uuuuuuuuuuu

4. Learning communities fight against laziness: the community punches in every day, and the small partners grow up together and make progress together!

Famous Master of Xueba and Top 500 Executives Teach in Person

Thousands of trainees witnessed a skill to improve learning and work efficiency.


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