Xu Qings 50th Birthday Send a Writing Feeling: More than a firm calm and shoulder

 Xu Qings 50th Birthday Send a Writing Feeling: More than a firm calm and shoulder

Fifty knows the fate of heaven, but for me at this moment, let alone fate, tomorrows weather I still dont know. After all, its time for us to get up, gather and take things with us. Every time I go out, I have to stay in front of the box for a while. Fortunately, along the way of life, I have always been aware of the little ideas I should bring with me:

Taking on responsibility means stepping out of the comfort zone that has been built for oneself, facing the free world, facing all the unknown and all the possibilities. Whether its the role of a just wife, an ambitious man in troubled times, a peddler in a safe corner, or the cooperation of different artists across the film, television, photography stage, etc., as Shakespeare said in his sonnets, everyone is someones light, and these different roles are all my light.

I hope that this light will also illuminate you who have patience to see here, and that you will enjoy these roles and feel the courage and support I have experienced. Today, when the sun comes out, I will wear armor and walk out of the castle. Keep warm and sunny.

Xu Qing, born in Beijing on January 22, 1969, is a Chinese actress. She was admitted to the undergraduate class of the Department of Performance of Beijing Film Academy in 1988. In 1990, he starred in the film Singing while Walking directed by Chen Kaige. In March 2001, Ren Yingyings role in the TV drama Laughing Ao Jianghu was well known to the audience.

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