Kim Jong-un wrote to Trump about denuclearization and said these things.

 Kim Jong-un wrote to Trump about denuclearization and said these things.

On January 22, the Korean media Central Daily revealed that Kim Jong-un mentioned in his personal letter the will to denuclearize and asked Trump to offer compensation measures for abandoning nuclear weapons, saying that if the United States did not take corresponding measures, North Korea would embark on a new road.

Jin Yingzhe handed over Kim Jong-uns personal letter to Trump from White House Social Media Director Dan Scavino Jr. Twitter.

The report quoted a diplomatic source familiar with DPRK-US relations as saying on the 21st that the DPRK State Councilor Kim Jong-un mentioned the will to denuclearize in his handwritten letter to Trump, and said that if the United States did not take corresponding measures, the DPRK would embark on a new road.

According to the source, Kim Jong-un wrote in his own letter that he was ready to meet with President Trump at any time and hoped to discuss the issues expected by the international community through the summit.

Reported that the so-called international community expects the problem means denuclearization. According to sources, Chairman Kim Jong-un used this to propose face-to-face negotiations to President Trump.

Chairman Kim Jong-un also referred to the implementation of the DPRK-US summit agreement held in Singapore last year, the source said. Once again, he reiterated DPRKs intention to denuclearize and asked the United States to take appropriate measures.

Sources said that at the Singapore Summit on June 12 last year, the two heads of state reached an agreement on the establishment of a new type of bilateral relations, the establishment of a peninsula peace system, the denuclearization of Korea and the return of the remains of US troops killed in the Korean war.

According to some analysis, Chairman Kim Jong-un is calling for the lifting of sanctions against the DPRK on the establishment of a new type of relationship in the implementation of the corresponding measures of the United States. According to sources, Kim Jong-un conveyed through Kim Ying-jee his intention that if the United States did not take appropriate measures, North Korea would have to explore a new path.

In his New Years address, Kim Jong-un also mentioned that if the United States does not abide by its commitments, continue sanctions and pressure, North Korea will have to explore a new path, and this time he directly conveyed the content to Trump in the form of a personal letter.

Sources reported that President Trump spent a lot of time confirming North Koreas denuclearization will through a group of Vice Chairman Kim Ying-jee. At the same time, the source said, From the content of Vice Chairman Jin Yingzhes trip to the White House, this trip or an ultimatum: whether North Korea will achieve denuclearization or become a nuclear supporter depends on the choice of the United States.

Twitter by DanScavino Jr.

After the talks on the 18th day, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said, The second DPRK-US summit will be held in late February. Trump himself broke his silence the day after the meeting, saying that it was an incredibly successful meeting.

The White House seems to have decided, after internal discussions on the DPRK proposal, that it would be better to conduct negotiations on denuclearization than to reject it, the Central Daily reported, citing another source.

We decided to meet at about the end of February, Trump said in an interview with reporters at the White House on the 19th, although the country (where the summit was held) was chosen, it will be announced later. Media reports say it is likely to be in Hanoi or Danang, Vietnam. In addition, Thailand, Indonesia and Mongolia are also popular candidates for hosting.

Trump also said, Although the media did not report, we have made great progress in denuclearization. We are still in dialogue on many other issues.

The Korean Nationality Daily reported that this could be interpreted as the United States is also coordinating plans to take appropriate measures if North Korea adopts further denuclearization measures such as abandoning the Yongbyon nuclear facilities or intercontinental missiles (ICBM). Corresponding measures include humanitarian assistance to the DPRK, establishment of DPRK-US liaison offices, relaxation of some sanctions and restart of Kaesong Industrial Park.

It is noteworthy that after the talks between the two sides on the 18th, the State Department of the United States announced a plan for the visit of the Special Representative for North Korea, Stephen Bigan, to Sweden from the 19th to the 22nd. This is the first time that Special Representative Bigan has held working consultations with Vice-Prime Minister Cui Shanji of the DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs since taking office in September last year.

Reported analysis said that this action can be considered as the DPRK and US leaders believe that through the work of Cui Shanji and Bigan consultation, can achieve a deal on denuclearization and corresponding measures. Working consultations are a very good start, said a diplomatic source.

In addition to talks with Trump, Jin Yingzhe held 50 minutes of high-level talks with U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo on the morning of the 18th and had a 90-minute lunch in the afternoon.

Reported that during his visit to the United States, the top leaders through the White House talks indirect communication, high-level talks between Jin Yingzhe and Pompeo, Cui Shanji and Bigan work consultation and other three channels of communication between the DPRK and the United States were finally launched, which injected momentum into the second summit. Some diplomats commented that the basic work for holding the second DPRK-US summit has been successfully completed.

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