Exclusive | Behind Roadstar. ais infighting is the CEOs defense battle of Tong Xianqiao

 Exclusive | Behind Roadstar. ais infighting is the CEOs defense battle of Tong Xianqiao

Tong Xianqiao (left first), measurement (right first) and Zhou Guang (right second)

[Netease Intelligence News, Jan. 22] On Jan. 21, Roadstar. AI (registered name: Shenzhen Xingxing Technology Co., Ltd.) issued a notice on the official Wechat Public Number to remove co-founder and chief scientist Zhou Guang from all positions in the company, with immediate effect. Subsequently, CEO Tong Xianqiao and CTO weighed the media reporters into the Wechat group and responded to everything.

According to the announcement of Roadstar.ai Wechat Public Number, Roadstar.ai claimed that Zhou Guangs private code base kept drawings and deliberately falsified data in a government regulatory report, which was found by third-party organizations to have a serious impact on the reputation of the company. There was a phenomenon of fraudulent public and private benefits. He used his classmates to receive rebates in round A financing.

But the incident did not seem so simple, at this time, Zhou Guang just participated in the Tokyo Motor Show. On the afternoon of the announcement, Zhou Guang, who was informed of the news, pulled reporters into the Wechat group in the same way and announced that he would make a statement to the outside world.

While the media waited for Zhou Guangs announcement, we saw an announcement named All Investors of Star Technology flowing out. The announcement said that the decision to remove Zhou Guangs post did not obtain the consent of investors and procedurally violated the relevant agreements with investors, so the decision did not take effect from the beginning.

After investigation, Netease Intelligent Journalist said that the announcement signed by all investors was indeed issued by one of Roadstar. ais investors, but it has not yet received the response of other investment institutions of the company (I do not know if it is acquiescence).

Netease Intelligent interviewed an investor related to Roadstar. ai, according to which, Tong Xianqiao and Weiwei did not inform investors before the companys official public number released the news, and the content about Zhou Guang was not true.

Today, the staff around Zhou Guang responded to NetEase Intelligence, saying: Zhou Guang is on the plane, the latest information is based on the joint announcement of investors, and we will continue to communicate the latest progress.

At present, Tong Xianqiao and Weiwei said that they made decisions on behalf of the company. On the other hand, Zhou Guang took investors and PR to fight back. Whats wrong with Roadstar. ais departure from Rashomon? The incident is not yet clear. Before that, we tried to restore their relationship, company structure and investment.

Pick up Joe, measure, circumference

Tong Xianqiao and the measurement of external voice, signed on behalf of the Shenzhen Xingxing Technology Co., Ltd., was founded on March 14, 2017. Tong Xianqiao acted as a legal representative. His business scope includes technology development, technology transfer, technology consulting, technology services; computer system services, application software services; computer software and hardware development and consulting; electronic products, automotive parts; and so on. Parts wholesale, sales, import and export and related supporting business.

According to the information of the national enterprise credit information publicity system, at present, Tong Xianqiao is the general manager and chairman of the company, and Chen Yu is the director and Zhou Guang is the supervisor.

The shareholders and investment information of Shenzhen Xingxing Technology Co., Ltd. are shown above. Natural person shareholders include Zhou Guang, Tong Xianqiao, Metrology and Na Xiaochuan. In terms of investment institutions, Shenzhen Star Technology Co., Ltd. has completed two financing projects so far. In 2017, Roadstar. AI received tens of millions of dollars in Angel round financing led by Yunqi Capital. In May 2018, Roadstar. AI received a $128 million round of financing led by Shuanghu Capital and Shenzhen Venture Capital Group, veteran shareholder Yunqi Capital, as well as capital follow-up investment of Zhaoyin International and Yuanjing.

Of course, Shenzhen Star Technology Co., Ltd. is not the whole company. From the relationship chart of Tong Xianqiao, Zhou Guang, Weiwei and Na Xiaochuan, it is obvious that Tong Xianqiao, as the actual controller, holds the most shares and acts as the Shenzhen Luxing Technology Partnership (Limited Partnership), Shenzhen Planetary Technology Partnership (Limited Partnership), Shenzhen Star Technology Co., Ltd. and Gao Xiaochuan. The legal representative of Xingxing Automobile Information Consulting Service Department and Luxing (Shanghai) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. in Xinqiao Town, Wangzhou District.

Zhou Guang, the focus of the event, holds a 14.16% stake in Shenzhen Xingxing Technology Co., Ltd. and acts as supervisor. He has the external title of co-founder and chief scientist. In addition, he holds a 1% stake in Shenzhen Planetary Technology Partnership (limited partnership).

Before the start-up of the partnership, in 2016, Tong Xianqiao, Weighing and Zhou Guang belonged to the American Research Institute of Baidu Unmanned Vehicle Team. Tong Xianqiao was the technical director of positioning and mapping group, the technical director of Sensing group, and Zhou Guang was responsible for calibration, synchronization and perception.

Tong Xianqiao has worked in Apple Special Project Group (UAV R) and NVIDIA Autopilot Algorithms Group. Ph. D. graduated from Virginia Tech in the direction of unmanned vehicles, engaged in the positioning of unmanned vehicles, mapping and navigation algorithms.

Measuring graduated from Tsinghua University and obtained EEPhD in GPS Lab of Stanford University. After graduation, he worked in the research and development of Google Map Street View Group and Tesla Autopilot Group, focusing on software and hardware architecture, sensors, positioning and other directions in the field of automatic driving.

Zhou Guang graduated from Tsinghua Keike class and then went to Dezhou University to study artificial intelligence PhD. He won the first place in the 2015 Xinjiang Global Developer Competition. After graduation, Zhou Guang entered Baidu Silicon Valley UAV team.

The root cause of the incident is the CEO battle?

According to Netease Intelligence, Tong Xianqiao hasnt spoken out in the past two months. There are rumors outside that his CEO position is not secure!

A self-driving insider told Netease Intelligent that the three founders had disagreements at the beginning of their business in May 2017, and that they recruited each other in recruitment. The infighting has always existed. Investors close to Roadstar. AI also told NetEase Intelligence, It was long known that there were differences among founders, but I didnt expect this to happen.

In an interview with Netease Intelligent, Tong Xianqiao also admitted that the company was in an unstable state about two or three months ago, when it was measured by the acting CEO. We learned that Tong Xianqiao was in the state of internal investigation at that time, because Nakagawa, who was in charge of finance, was questioned about the loss of tens of millions of dollars caused by the private purchase of Bitcoin and P2P products.

To be sure, the struggle between the three founders of Roadstar. AI has been taking place since the start of the company, and has received more than $100 million in financing in one year of starting a business, which has made three young people in their 30s more disagreeable about the huge use of funds. As a responsible person, Tong Xianqiao was once on leave, and his CEO position was seriously challenged, even there was a rumor that Roadstar. AI would replace the CEO.

Faced with the chaos of the company, some investors turned to Netease Intelligent Explosion. At that time, some of the company wanted to introduce external executives to lead the company to continue its development. For outsiders, it is said that they are senior people in the auto-driving industry. They are rich in resources and technology. Netease Intelligence tried to contact this senior person, and the answer was no participation, no knowledge.

That is to say, from the perspective of investors, to get high returns should be their biggest demand. Investors close to Roadstar. AI told NetEase Intelligence that the battle was going on anyway, and as investors, they wanted the company to run normally. If you want the support of investors, you must prove that you have the ability to operate the company and have core competitiveness. These people said.

Roadstar. ais struggle is caused by the discord among the three founders. The three founders in round A financing have made more serious problems and mistakes. Perhaps the key factor behind the struggle is the outsider factor. These problems focus on the different understanding of the direction of the companys development and the competition for leadership. (Ding Guangsheng, Xiaoyi)

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Source: Netease Intelligent Responsible Editor: Ding Guangsheng_NT1941