The boy was handed over by his neighbour to the mother of the trafficker who had taken rat medicine on hunger strike

 The boy was handed over by his neighbour to the mother of the trafficker who had taken rat medicine on hunger strike

Since childhood, I have envied others who know when they were born and when they have to celebrate their birthdays, but I am thirty years old and have never celebrated my birthdays. After meeting his parents, he finally identified himself. The name single and double dragons is more important to him.

Twenty-four years later, when I returned to my hometown, my accent changed, my living habits changed, and my parents grew old. Fortunately, some scattered memories still exist intermittently. Once, the little pond where I played as a child was still there. At that time, he often played by the pond with his neighboursdumb children, friends Xiao Hui and paratroopers.

Shuanglong remembered that on the other side of the pond was a highway, with a row of tall trees, such as poplars, and a small forest about 500 meters ahead of the gate. Rice, rapeseed and smoke grow in the fields. At first glance, most of them are plains, but they can hardly see mountains.

Before he found his family, he remembered that he was at home like Shuanglong (homophonic, uncertain). In his impression, his mother seldom went home from work, and his fathers work seemed to be related to steel bars. The house in the house is like a tile house. The kitchen is in the front door and the bedroom is in the other room. There is also a separate room beside which firewood is set off. There is a laundry pool and a hand-operated well at the entrance.

About 20-50 meters away from Shuanglongs house, there is a neighbor. His house is two floors. There is a daughter about the age of Shuanglong. She plays with Shuanglong very well. I was deceived by the father of the girl. At that time, he came to me on his bicycle with his daughter and said he would take me to my mother. I followed them. Halfway down the road, he said the wheels were flat. To get off one, he put his daughter by the side of the road and took me to the market to hand me over to three men.

In the impression of Shuanglong, the three men were in a small three-wheeled or four-wheeled car (I cant remember), and after the neighbors left, they took Shuanglong away. After about three or four daystrain ride, I arrived at a hotel in Anhai, Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Fujian Province. My adoptive parents went there to pick me up. In the days to come, I heard my mothers name (forgotten) from their conversation.

Shuanglongs father has always been impressed by his disappearance date. The fifth day of June 1995 was gone, and the first day of July was his birthday. Family members also went to the nearby river to salvage the body, once thought that the youngest son single and double dragon died... Shuanglongs mother, Liang Chunyan, took rat medicine four times and went on a hunger strike because she could not see the hope.

On September 15, 2018, Xiao Yun Qingyan, a volunteer from Baby Home Network, received the task of searching for relatives from Shuanglong. After fully communicating with Shuanglong, he posted on the website. After searching, the volunteers found that there happened to be a description of Home Search Posts similar to Shuanglongs age and the surrounding environment. Xiaoyun Qingyan immediately contacted the relevant volunteers. When he learned that the parents of the other party had collected blood into the bank, Xiaoyun Qingyan immediately helped Shuanglong apply for blood collection into the bank for comparison.

On September 25, blood samples from Shuanglong were sent to Babys homecoming website. On November 9, good news came from the website. After DNA identification by Yinchuan Criminal Investigation Technology Brigade, Shuanglong is the son that the parents of single and Double Dragons have been searching for for for many years. On the morning of January 8, 2019, Shuanglong returned to Xiangcheng County, Xuchang City, Henan Province to meet his parents.

The village wall hangs a banner Welcome single and Double Dragons home, reunite with relatives. The door is hung with big safflower and affixed with happy words. Mother Liang Chunyan goes out early with a bouquet in her hand and waits. The streets are surrounded by enthusiastic villagers.

Shuanglong shuddered and shouted out to his mother. Liang Chunyan embraced him and wept. His father, whose temples were white, also shed tears. The family finally got together. They stood at the gate and took pictures of the family.

After a brief reunion with his biological parents, Shan Shuanglong returned to Nanan City, Fujian Province. He formed a family there, with a wife, a couple of children and his adoptive mother.

Shuanglongs current name is Yang Lai-lai, which was given to him by his adoptive parents. The first time I went to see me was not fostered, the second time I fostered! So thats the name.

Yang Zhi, the adoptive mother of Shuanglong, is an ordinary housewife in the eyes of outsiders. She is very good with others. However, in Shuanglongs view, the past with adoptive mother can not be recalled.

Often hit me, teeth at least 10 times, no more than 100 wounds, no more than 2 sets of clothes, no more than 2 pairs of shoes, no more than one bag... At the age of 6, they began to cook, carry water, carry dung, pick firewood, wash clothes, raise chickens and ducks, and plant land. No more than 30 sticks can be broken!

Shuanglong told her adoptive mother Yang Zhi about the process of recognizing her biological parents. As a result, her adoptive mother did not respond at all. Not a word was said.

Twenty-four years together, Shuanglong did not find the right words to describe her adoptive mother.

Nevertheless, he decided to return to his adoptive mother. The adoptive father died, her two daughters married, her son died, and the adoptive mother herself was left! He cant throw it away or let it go.

For the future, Shan Shuanglong has no clear plan. While taking care of his adoptive mother, he also tries to communicate with his biological parents as much as possible. Although the family is reunited now, the circumstances of their abduction are vivid. For many years, it has been like a nightmare. Shuanglong said.

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