Chen Yibing suggested that the mens football team restore dead wage netizens: eyebrows make more money

 Chen Yibing suggested that the mens football team restore dead wage netizens: eyebrows make more money

Chen Yibing, who has repeatedly questioned the national football team and apologized after the fan siege, once again expressed his views on the national football team in the social media. This time, he put forward a small proposal that the mens football team should restore the model of the sports team and take the dead wage. Perhaps the result could be improved. But this view has been mocked and satirized by netizens.

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In fact, I also have a bold idea, personal opinions, freely publish Kazakhstan.

I have seen that womens football has achieved good results because they are still following the professional team line, the sports team, the dead wages, and the so-called team in our system.

We are all dead wages, thousands of yuan a month, there is no business operation model, that is, the World Championships, the Olympic Games as the goal, for the glory of the country as the goal.

But you see, our so-called teams in the system have achieved what they used to say. At present, we are also trying to find ways to operate commercially, but without commercial development, it is really difficult. Some foreign models are very good. Maybe we can learn from them in the future.

But let me assume that if you say that our mens football team can learn from our wage-killing model first? We have achieved good results in this mode, and there are many successful cases.

Dont come up to the club, commercialize what, will the results be better? Anyway, after the club, the commercialized system has matured in time. My view is purely entertainment. Welcome to Tucao.

Out of the opinion, it was not unexpectedly sprayed by netizens. Some netizens laughed at it directly: At last, you can see that you dont watch football at all. The main reason is that players and coaches earn so much that you feel uncomfortable in your heart! Whats more, its useless for you to blush and die. People just sponsor more, develop business well and pay more attention to it. You cant help it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Another netizen responded: Ha ha ha ha, the Korean team laughed.