How much is the commercial impact of Wu Xiubos crisis when the leading film is filed?

 How much is the commercial impact of Wu Xiubos crisis when the leading film is filed?

Last weekend, Wu Xiubos derailment broke out again. Users of Weibo, claiming to be her parents, Chen Yulin, published an open letter saying that her daughter Chen Yulin had been sent to the detention center on blackmail charges by Wu Xiubo. Although there is no final conclusion on the truth, Wu Xiubos good man has collapsed in the hearts of the people who eat melons, especially mother powder.

It is not only Wu Xiubos image that has been badly damaged, but also his commercial interests. Love Saint 2, originally scheduled for release on the Spring Festival File, was announced for filing, and the new film, starring Wu Xiubo, has been resolutely resisted in the Cats Eye Ticket Page Review. In addition, shares linked to Wu Xiubo were frightened by the incident and went green for a time, according to media reports on the 21st.

Wu Xiubo has been immersed in the film and television industry and capital market for many years. According to the 2017 China Celebrity Business Value List, Wu Xiubo ranks 37th with 75.6 million yuan in income, and his endorsement products cover clothing, food, housing and transportation. According to the Tian Eye Survey data, Wu Xiubo was the legal representative of three companies, invested in nine companies, with a maximum investment of 45 million yuan.

After this storm, Wu Xiubo, who was beset by negative news, was worried about Qian Jing.

Wu Xiubos Capital Layout Exposure A-share-related listed companies are frightened

Wu Xiubos performance in the film Love Saint 2 temporarily announced the filing and formally withdrew from the competition for the Spring Festival File. Like many movie stars, he has invested in many movie and TV companies and catering companies. Under this storm, his participating companies and films will be affected. According to the Tian Eye Inspection of West China Metropolitan Daily and cover journalists, Wu Xiubo has equity relations with 12 companies, of which 100% are controlled by Shanghai Zhongjunli Film and Television Culture Studio, Shanghai Xinxin Prestige Film and Television Culture Studio and Happy Sky Changxing Film and Television Culture Studio. However, at present, the operation status of the three companies has been shown to be cancelled.