Infinite Polar Products Suspected Pathogenic and Lethal Storm Fermentation Taobao Tianmao is still on sale

 Infinite Polar Products Suspected Pathogenic and Lethal Storm Fermentation Taobao Tianmao is still on sale

This morning, Nandu reporters noticed that e-commerce platform Jingdong to infinite pole related products for Off-Shelf processing. Nandu reporters searched the infinite pole in the east of Beijing and found that there is no trace of the infinite pole and its products.

In addition, around 9:30 a.m., Nandu reporters searched Taobao and Tianmao with the keyword infinite pole and found that the companys products were still on display. However, on the two platforms mentioned above, the top five products were mostly unlimited toothpaste and daily chemicals. However, in Taobao, the companys Sangtang Oral Liquid ranked fourth.

According to Nandu reporters, Infinite Pole China responded yesterday evening, saying that 7 of the 11 consumer complaints in the relevant reports had been contacted, and 1 had a face-to-face communication on January 21.

For the further development of the incident, Nandu journalists will continue to pay attention to it.

Sanlu Victims Dead with Infinite Products Official: Multidisciplinary Intervention

On January 19, Liang Qichao, a villager in Damiao Town, Xinmi, Henan Province, said his son, Liang Hong, recovered from kidney disease caused by eating Sanlu Milk Powder when he was two years old. In 2014, Liang Hong had a relapse. Liang Qichao believed that he could cure diseases infinitely. He took his products as medicine for Liang Hong for more than a year, and Liang Hong died of uremia.

Infinitely numerous disputes: colon cancer patients eat tumors and grow

A woman in Huangshi, Hubei, suffered from advanced stage of colon cancer and began to take infinite pole products after being persuaded by her relatives. After spending more than 30,000 yuan to eat, she found that the tumors grew up again. In Weinan, Shaanxi Province, a parturient woman was promoted to take infinite pole products after giving birth, and finally checked out diabetic ketoacidosis. Her family suspected that it was related to infinite pole products. Direct rights.

Source: Author of Southern Metropolitan Daily: Beibei, responsible editor of Ma Jianzhong: Li Xi_NN2587