The 600,000 Gold Theft Case Solves the Suspects View on the Rule of Law Program when he falls into the net

 The 600,000 Gold Theft Case Solves the Suspects View on the Rule of Law Program when he falls into the net

According to the official micro-blog Safe Wuhan of Wuhan Public Security Bureau, the owner of the gold shop went home for dinner less than an hour, and the shop was robbed and 600,000 yuan of gold jewelry was stolen. Recently, after seven consecutive days and nights of attack, Xinzhou police succeeded in capturing Wang Mou, a suspect in the Cangbu Street theft on January 11. Ironically, Wang Mou was watching the Golden Robbery in the CCTV Skynet column on his mobile phone when he landed.

600,000 yuan stolen jewelry

Mr. Civilian Lu runs a gold shop in Cangbu Street, Xinzhou District. He mainly deals in gold jewelry processing and also sells some jewelry.

At 7 p.m. on the evening of January 11, Mr. Lu, as usual, locked the door and went home for dinner. At 8 oclock, he returned to the shop, opened the door and saw a mess in the shop. The back door was violently prized open. The gold jewelry such as earrings, rings and necklaces stored in the glass cabinet were almost all looted, leaving only empty jewelry boxes. Mr. Lu immediately dialed 110 to call the police. Golden Store Stolen! After receiving the report, Xinzhou District Public Security Bureau quickly organized multiple police forces to rush to the scene, grouped to investigate the scene, arrange visits, access monitoring. After Mr. Lus preliminary inventory, the stolen gold is about 2 kilograms, worth about 600,000 yuan. Surprisingly, Mr. Lu leaves the store every day to go home for dinner and then returns, only half an hour to one hour in the middle. The thieves grasp the time accurately and accurately.

The monitoring mainframe was also unloaded.

The police also found that the video hosts inside the store were also dismantled and stolen by thieves, which was apparently the practice of thieves. City surveillance shows that thieves always cover their whole body from head to foot with clothes and masks when they step on the spot and after they succeed. They have strong anti-investigation ability. The investigation and handling of cases once reached a deadlock.

Xinzhou police attach great importance to it. The relevant leaders have instructed the establishment of an ad hoc team immediately to investigate the case as a key case of anti-black and anti-evil. The case must be solved before the Spring Festival. Subsequently, the special class mobilized more than 30 police forces to investigate the video surveillance of more than 500 important intersections in Xinzhou City. More than 2000 people were interviewed offline to investigate the phantom in the surveillance video.

After seven consecutive days and nights of intensive work, the police finally locked in Wang Mou, an unemployed person released in 2000 after the completion of the crime of theft, which is highly consistent with the suspects clothing and physiognomy characteristics, action track and crime time in the video.

The picture shows a place designated by Wang Mou to abandon his criminal clothes.

When Viewing the Rule of Law Program

At about 5 p.m. on January 18, the public security organs seized Wang Mous family and seized all the stolen goods, including the tools for committing the crime. Some of the gold jewelry had been melted by Wang Mou. Ironically, when Wang was arrested, he was watching CCTV Skynet on his mobile phone, including short films such as The Golden Robbery, Thieves under the Lamp, Strangers in Villas, etc.

Wang Mou, a 45-year-old man from Xinzhou District, has a criminal record of theft. He confesses to his criminal facts. Wang Mou confessed that he usually rode a motorcycle to roam the streets, noticing the gold shop, he began to distort his mind and find out the rules of the shopkeepers activities.

Wang also confessed that the crime videos and anti-investigation videos collected in his mobile phone were used to study the polices methods of solving cases and evading attacks. I just didnt realize that I was stolen from head to foot by the police.

At present, Wang Mou has been detained by Xinzhou police according to law. The specific value of gold needs to be identified. The case is still under further investigation. Xinzhou police said they would close the case as soon as possible and try to return the stolen gold to the victims before the Spring Festival.

Source: Zhao Yaping_NN9005, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper