Sun Nans family settled in a small town and was laughed at by friends, but Sun Nans wife said so.

 Sun Nans family settled in a small town and was laughed at by friends, but Sun Nans wife said so.

Pan Wei was once the host of Tourism Satellite TV.

When I was 40 years old, I met the singer Sun Nan and got married for the third time.

After her marriage, she quit her job and concentrated on caring for four children at home.

Pan Wei and Sun Nan have been having a headache with their childrens education.

The second daughter went to an international school and became tired of learning and playing games.

My son likes to complain about things and is reluctant to bear them.

Three years ago, they moved from Beijing to Xuzhou.

The house is 100 square meters and the rent is 700 yuan a month.

They also send their children to traditional culture schools.

Pan Weis new book Su Xin Ying recorded three years of life:

It seems that they are all talking about trifles of life.

How to make tea, arrange flowers, cook, arrange homes...

But in this firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea,

How to cultivate ones mind may be more what I want to express.

Narration: Pan Wei

Im Pan Wei. Im 49 years old. If I open my resume, I will find great changes before and after.

Once I was the anchorman of Anhui Satellite TV and golf host of Tourism Satellite TV. I liked skiing and golf. What I think about all day is what clothes to wear and what makeup to wear. I have been living for myself, my career, my fame and fortune.

Now I am the female red and tea culture teacher of Xuzhou Traditional Culture School, and the so-called brightness of the host, the gap is still relatively large.

Part of the turning point of these two identities is the encounter with Sun Nan. After meeting him, I entered the third marriage and soon had children. Because I blame myself for my eldest daughters education. I always feel that I dont take enough care of her. I dont want to repeat that, so I quit my job and concentrate on taking care of my children at home, which also opens up my own growth.

Because we are a reorganized family, Sun Nan had two children before, and I also had one. The problem of childrens education is the most important one in our life.

Daughter Baoyao, she has experienced the system of schools and international schools, gradually become a bit tired of learning, but also like to play games. Although his son was young, he was easy to complain at that time and was unwilling to take on anything.

I remember one particularly sad time. At the table, sister and brother quarrel, brother quarrels with sister, sister cries. Its a mess.

Home in Beijing

One day in 2015, Sun Nan and I reflected, We can also ski happily and play golf for ten years. In ten years, what kind of person will our child be in the future? Does he know how to be grateful and grateful? Do you know filial piety? Can you pretend to be someone else? Can we laugh at Jiuquan in the future? At that time Sun Nan said, Yes.

In 10 minutes, we decided to move. We moved from Beijing to Xuzhou, where we had a traditional culture school for 28 years.

The book Su Xin Ying talks about the three years of life since we moved to Xuzhou. They are everyday scenes. How do we eat, how do we offer sacrifices during the Spring Festival, how do we make tea, illustrations, cook and decorate our homes? But in daily life, how to cultivate my mind is what I want to express more.

The living room of Xuzhou

Xuzhous home is actually taken away from a lot of complexity after the appearance. In the process of moving, I gave many things to my friends. The process of cleaning up is also to clear up ones heart and eliminate the attachment and greed to material.

The house is not big, 100 square meters, and the rent is only 700 yuan a month. Once upon a time in Beijing, every child had a single room, but here four of them had to live in one room. I feel very warm, suddenly pulled into each others distance, the child has been shaking in front of you.

Dolls Made by Pan Wei

Furniture was everything I used as a child, old bamboo water bottles, embroidered curtains, small tables, small benches, and shaking fans. It bears the beautiful memories of our childhood.

The living room is the core of the house. There is no TV, there is only a tea table, a family can sit around, drink tea and chat. The best scenario I can imagine is where I knit sweaters, where my sister paints, where my brother plays, and where my sister reads. Dad looked at us, children and windows. He said that the mountains and fields are today.

In Beijing, there used to be an aunt at home to help with cooking and cleaning. When we arrived in Xuzhou, we tried to do many things by ourselves. I insisted on cooking for the children, making wontons, steamed buns, noodles and pizza for them. Its the best home to have mom cooking and the smell of food.

In fact, I think that the happiness of the world is not like this, plain, peaceful, watching the children grow up day by day, knowing that the children will become a virtuous person in the future, what do you want?

When we moved to Xuzhou, many friends were surprised: Is Sun Nan crazy? Many friends came to Xuzhou specially to see us. One elder sister left after dinner and sent me a message: Little sister, if your family has financial difficulties, you tell me, I will help you.

Another time, when I met two friends, I heard them say in the stairwell, Sun Nans family is too shabby, too. Before I finished, I opened the door and everyone laughed.

In fact, we have both experienced material wealth, but it can not bring you real happiness, I think peace of mind is the greatest happiness.

Previous life is not simple, want everything. If you like tea, you need to buy a complete set of tea props; if you like jeans, you need to buy many pieces; if you have a full cupboard of clothes, you still feel that there is one less piece. Now I wear long gowns all the time. Every day I feel very firm and comfortable. I feel that my clothes have at least three colors. There are already many.

The children have changed a lot in the past three years. Like Xiao Aibao, she recites many classics and can clearly feel their embellishment in her life. When I came back from the bathroom, Aibao would take the initiative to say to me, Drown back and clean your hands. One day, when she ran across the corner of the table, she whispered, Turn wide, dont touch the edges. Sometimes, she argues with her brother, she will lead to tell her brother and herself: Taoist goodness, that is goodness!

Now that I am a teacher in school, I can finally do something for other peoples children. All the children I teach are girls. Teach them girls. One day, they will become wives and mothers. It is also important to knit ones own home with a needle and thread to convey love and express her inner warmth.

It is precisely because this book is very everyday, so everyone can see themselves from inside a.

I remember a sharing meeting in Chengdu. A man older than me cried when he heard a letter from Sun Nan to Aibao. He did not realize that his father loved him as much as Sun Nan loved Aibao. At that time, he was young and left his father after he got married and had children. He now remembered that his father was getting old. Now he wants to take his father by his side and spend time with him.

Another art professor from Sichuan University said she had been married for so many years. After reading this book at noon today, she cooked a pot of soup for the first time for her husband.

I feel that no matter what angle, if this book can touch others to rethink their lives, I have fulfilled my wish.

Source: responsible editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Xun Jianguo_NN7379