Land Rover Crazy Run Over! 25-year-old Auxiliary Police send ICU Dads words make people tears.

 Land Rover Crazy Run Over! 25-year-old Auxiliary Police send ICU Dads words make people tears.

On the morning of January 20, Jiaxing First Hospital.

In the hospital bed, Zhang Xiaoda inserted a breathing tube and sat up with some difficulty. The obvious asymmetry of the left and right faces, the gauze wrapped around the forehead, and the blood clots on the left face, which appeared to be the size of some ferocious coins, all indicated the trauma he had suffered.

Fortunately, Zhang Xiaodas injuries have stabilized much more than they were sent to the ward four days ago. However, due to the fracture of the right zygoma, the whole right cheek was unconscious and speech became unfavorable.

Zhang Xiaoda, 25, is an assistant policeman of Wang Dian Squadron of traffic police brigade of Xiuzhou Branch Bureau of Jiaxing Public Security Bureau.

Although several days have passed since the accident on the night of January 16, the scars on Zhang Xiaodas face and the bandages on his abdomen seem to be still telling us about the tragic situation he suffered that night.

The Land Rover ran over him after hitting him

At about 7 p.m. on the same day, police officers of the Wangdian Squadron set up checkpoints for drunk driving at Ni Cao Baocun section of Wangjian Highway in their jurisdiction, setting up two-way checkpoints, and passing vehicles slowly and orderly.

At 8:05 p.m., a black Land Rover SUV came into the traffic policemans sight from west to east. At the same time, the driver saw the setting of the card, but suddenly turned his head and planned to leave.

Traffic police immediately noticed the movement of the Land Rover and quickly moved forward to make it stop.

Just when everyone thought that the SUV would stop to cooperate with the inspection, the driver did not slow down at all, but hit the other side of the road in one direction, driving backwards to avoid the inspection.

This steering wheel made the car hit Zhang Xiaoda, who was on duty at one side.

What happened after that? Zhang Xiaodas brain was blank and his consciousness was lost for nearly 30 seconds. He didnt know what was going on.

As consciousness gradually recovered, severe pain came upon him, accompanied by anxious inquiries from colleagues.

How are you doing? How do you feel?

Come on, come on, get to the hospital.

Lets get him into the car together, be careful, be light.

Go and look for that car, and you must find it!

I would like to answer that my colleagues are all right, but Zhang Xiaodas pain doubled as soon as he spoke hard. After several efforts, he still could not make a sound. Later, Zhang Xiaoda was rushed to Jiaxing First Hospital for treatment.

Leaders of Jiaxing Public Security Bureau visited Zhang Xiaoda

In fact, the Land Rover ran directly into Zhang Xiaoda while trying to escape from the inspection by driving backwards. Not only that, after he fell to the ground, the car ran over him quickly!

The only lucky thing is that the wheels rolled over Zhang Xiaodas chest and abdomen without causing any serious head damage.

After rescue

He finally moved from the intensive care unit to the general ward.

Hello, is this Zhang Xiaodas father? Zhang Xiaoda was injured when he was on duty. Now he is in the hospital. We will send a car to pick you up to the hospital immediately.

Zhang Dad said that at the moment of receiving the phone call, he almost fainted in the dark. I dont know what happened along the way. I dont know how the injury happened. Im impatient.

When Dad Zhang arrived at the hospital, the doctors diagnosis came out: right zygomatic arch fracture, right maxillary sinus wall multiple fractures. Contusion and laceration of both lungs, right fourth rib fracture, a small amount of bleeding in the anterior mediastinum. Fortunately, vital signs are stable, but they need to be observed in intensive care units.

While waiting for the diagnostic results, everyone was uneasy, and everyone prayed silently in their hearts: this young man who has not many words but has always been dedicated to his post, loving his work and enduring hardships and hardships can never do anything!

Colleagues remember that Zhang Xiaodas face, nose and mouth were bleeding, so that he did not respond, which frightened everyone.

Fortunately, after nearly 24 hoursobservation in the intensive care unit, Zhang Xiaoda escaped from danger and transferred to the general ward on the evening of the 17th. This is the first time that Zhang Xiaodas parents have seen his injured son. The two old people cant help crying over their faces.

At present, Zhang Xiaoda can sit up and chat with everyone. Zhangs father and colleagues are accompanying him. Zhang Dad said that since the accident, Zhang Xiaoda has not been able to sleep soundly, breathing is painful, until now there is blood in the mouthwash, because the right cheek fracture caused numbness of the right face, can not chew, can only eat some liquid food.

I dont know how long Ill stay in the courtyard, but Ill have another operation on the right cheekbone behind me... Dad Zhang said.

Driver who caused the accident drinks that night

And the drivers license has been revoked twice before.

After the incident, provincial and municipal leaders issued instructions one after another. Jiaxing Xiuzhou District Public Security Bureau immediately carried out tracking and investigation work, and quickly started the mechanism of safeguarding rights.

After making a big mistake, the driver still chose to escape. The police first pursued and investigated the suspect Yang Mou and the vehicle, then found the vehicle in Tongxiang, but did not find Yang Mou.

Suspect Yang Mou

At 9:30 a.m. on the 17th, Yang surrendered to the public security organs under pressure, confessing to the fact that he had evaded the inspection by punching in his car.

He said he was afraid of being checked because his driving license had been revoked twice, but he firmly refused to admit whether he was drunk or not.

Since it was the second day, it was impossible to detect the alcohol concentration in Yang Mous blood at that time. For Yang Mous confession, the public security organ decided to use evidence to speak.

Public security organs immediately investigate and collect evidence. Finally, the evidence shows that Yang Mou did belong to drunk driving that night.

Faced with the evidence, Yang can only admit that he did drink that night.

At present, Yang Mou has been detained by Xiuzhou District Public Security Bureau according to law on suspicion of obstructing public service.

Source: responsible editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Xun Jianguo_NN7379