Comments on the Compositions of Primary School Examinations

 Comments on the Compositions of Primary School Examinations

Early in the morning, the children rushed to the examination room. As a result, a Chongqing bus crashed into the river at the beginning. They lamented that it was not easy for the pupils, and the 30 minutesweight was not light.

The composition questions sunned by parents are as follows:

Read a passage:

On October 28, 2018, a bus and a car crashed into the Yangtze River in Wanzhou District, Chongqing, after colliding with the Second Yangtze River Bridge in Wanzhou District, killing at least 13 people and 2 missing. After investigation and evidence collection by the public security organs, the facts were restored: after a passenger found that he had missed the destination stop, he asked the driver to stop temporarily and was refused by the driver. So the passenger came forward and accused the driver. The driver explained many times, but did not get the understanding of the passengers, so the dispute between the two sides escalated, accompanied by aggressive language. Later, the passenger picked up his mobile phone several times and hit the drivers head, shoulder and neck. The driver released the steering wheel several times and hit back, causing the vehicle to lose control. After colliding with the red car which was driving normally, he ran along the road and broke the guardrail and fell into the river.

When discussing this incident, some netizens thought that the passenger was wrong and the driver belonged to legitimate defense; others felt that the driver shouldered the safety of all passengers in his work, and should not return his hand... What do you think? Please write down your views on this matter in 350 words according to the event itself or life experience. (No title may be added)

The parent said, Its too big to write anything, but I dont know how to write it. It cant be too much to be regarded as a composition question in the college entrance examination. After school, the panicked parents asked the child how well he wrote his composition for the first time. It was difficult or not. The child said, Its not difficult. He thinks both of them are wrong. Parents were relieved: Maybe adults think too much, children are children, in fact, from their point of view to see the problem, this is the original intention of the teacher.

Many parents also find it difficult to write this composition well. The topic is very fresh, leaving the books, paying attention to real people and facts, letting students express their views, breaking through the usual writing routine. One parent said, Its not easy to write well on this subject. You may not make me write well either. There are also parents who rethink that at the beginning of winter vacation, children should read more newspapers, pay more attention to the news, and cultivate their critical thinking ability.

Last night, after the official micro-blog of Metropolitan Express posted this related content, netizens also had a heated discussion.

Most Netizens feel that the title of this essay is good.

Xuba Tourism: Progress ah! Pupils also have views on society! Perhaps the perspective is more innovative.

Im a bird and bone chicken: This is a good topic to test the ability of dialectical thinking. Topics like The Most Memorable Day are really too low.

Lets see kumamon together: Its good to train childrens ability to think independently as early as possible, combine current affairs and be vigilant to abide by the law and discipline at all times.

Summer Clear sky, moonlight and leaf: In junior high school, morality and rule of law are all about current affairs for children to discuss, and the children speak very well.

Ken Miller 001: To be able to answer these questions, pupils can only start with family education or school quality education. Pupils can not answer this question from a very comprehensive and multi-angle way if they only receive the main course education. The intention is good, but if the students cant answer the questions, dont hate the fact that the iron is not steel or the seedlings are helpful. When analyzing the examination papers, give the students a standard answer to recite.

Qin: Thats great! Now that children have many opinions of their own, we should give them a chance to express themselves, not just let them live in the fairy tale world.

The sunny day in the south: My sisters first day in junior high school. After this weeks exam, I will arrange the composition for her to write. I think the title is very good. The students have their own views.

Coffee is sweet only when its drunk too much: its much better than some fictitious essay titles.

Of course, there are also different voices. It seems that the title of such a difficult composition should not appear on the fifth grade papers of elementary school.

Yusheng 1000 degrees: College Entrance Examination composition is similar! Children will be driven crazy by you!

Saber 1.7 metres: This is the title of our senior threes composition...

Dog is eighty-eight: Wouldnt it be bad for children to grow up slowly? Those who have experienced it know that childhood without simplicity is really pathetic.

Shizi: Can I say that this is the postgraduate entrance examination for English majors in a school this year?

Hulu Puzi Decoction: Primary school is not suitable, should be placed in junior high school.

The reporter asked several fifth grade Chinese teachers in Hangzhou Primary School at random. Many teachers say that this composition is really difficult, in the fifth grade of the daily composition exercises, the operation is not much.

Mr. Wang, a fifth-grade Chinese teacher in a public elementary school in Hangzhou, was also invigilating the examination yesterday. After the examination, Mr. Wang and the teachers in charge of grading discussed the grading rules of this composition. There are roughly three aspects. First, we should have our own views, secondly, we should see the ability of language expression, and finally, whether the number of words meets the requirements.

When expressing opinions, give your reasons and ideas as much as possible. Mr. Wang said that several teachers in the school thought the composition was very good. Such topics are easy to have topics and wide topics, which are suitable for fifth grade students.

The teacher asked some of the more selective students in the class at random what they had written. Most students think that passengers are the culprit, and that passengers are not considerate of others; some students say that passengers are wrong first, and it is obviously wrong to hit people first.

Some students think that both sides are wrong and do not realize that it is necessary to observe public order in public places. There are also students standing on the passenger side, feeling that the driver is wrong, should not conflict with the passengers, did not stop the passengersirrational behavior. There are also students who think that other passengers on the bus have problems and should be actively dissuaded when others have disputes, rather than sit idly by.

Does childrens writing combine life experience or not?

Combining the composition material, some students also wrote their own life stories, such as, because of a little conflict between themselves and their classmates, no one gave in.

In the composition, few can combine life experience or similar examples. Teacher Chen, a Chinese teacher in another public elementary school in Hangzhou, made a small survey in the class after the examination. It was found that one third of the students wrote their own stories according to the requirements of their compositions and life experience, while the rest of the students only wrote about the events in the materials themselves.

Stories, better looking, easier to score! Chen said.

Mr. Chen said that some children were distracted by chatting with the driver when they were traveling with their families, and caught up with the driver at the end of the highway. Some students wrote stories about students fighting on impulse because of a trifle. Some combined with other news stories, they told stories about two drivers who had scratched, but communicated calmly without conflicts. Some also wrote such stories. Pedestrians ran through the red light and the driver did not give way, resulting in serious accidents.

Question Teacher: This years composition has really broken through the convention.

The reporter of the Express News inquired that the topic was a senior teacher and researcher in Hangzhou. He had many yearsexperience in the topic.

Yesterday, the teacher responded that this years fifth grade composition topic did break through the conventional, but it is not without basis. Topics originate from the requirements of textbooks, such as exercises in Unit 1, Unit 4 and Unit 6 of Grade 5. There is no clear theme, but students are required to learn to think and make choices. For example, parentsapproach, which one do you agree with; what things in life give you any inspiration, students need to think dialectically and put forward their own views, so the design of such a topic.

Requirements for Unit 4 of Grade 5

The difficulty of this essay is that, unlike the traditional topic composition, it can be written in a more thoughtful way, requiring students to combine with the reality of life. How to write easy to score? The teacher said, mainly depends on whether there is a clear point of view, can say 1-2 full reasons. This reason is not empty talk, but combined with the actual situation or the views of the people around us to demonstrate. Source: Responsible Editor of Urban Express: Xun Jianguo_NN7379

The difficulty of this essay is that, unlike the traditional topic composition, it can be written in a more thoughtful way, requiring students to combine with the reality of life.

How to write easy to score? The teacher said, mainly depends on whether there is a clear point of view, can say 1-2 full reasons. This reason is not empty talk, but combined with the actual situation or the views of the people around us to demonstrate.