The truck rolled over 1.5 tons of Misgurnus anguillicaudatus at Zhejiang High Speed

 The truck rolled over 1.5 tons of Misgurnus anguillicaudatus at Zhejiang High Speed

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A truck full of live loach rolled over at high speed. The truck driver lost a lot of money (Source: Netizens)

At about 15:00 on January 19, a truck rolled over on the overpass lane near 240K Wenzhou direction of G15w3 Yongguan Expressway. A truck full of live loach rolled over on the highway. The scene was spectacular.

Hongmou, the truck driver, said he was carrying about 1.5 tons of loach from Xiangshan Expressway to Ruian, Wenzhou, for sale. When the vehicle arrived at the scene of the accident, the tail suddenly began to smoke. Before long, one of the wheels fell off, causing the vehicle to roll over uncontrollably. The falling wheels also scraped a million-dollar Mercedes-Benz car in the rear, causing varying degrees of damage to its right body and right rearview mirror.

The high-speed traffic police rushed to the scene quickly. After taking a series of safety measures, together with rescuers, the loach was packed into bags with brooms, shovels and other tools. The highway will not resume normal traffic until the truck is towed away from the scene.

It is reported that Hongmou, the truck driver, was fully responsible for the accident, but because he only insured the truck against compulsory traffic insurance, the economic losses caused by the accident basically required him to pay out of his own pocket.

Traffic policeman reminds: the car often runs on the road, but also needs frequent maintenance, driving on the road to maintain good condition and legal loading. It is suggested that commercial insurance should be insured for vehicles. When accidents occur, the risks can be transferred to a certain extent and the economic losses can be mitigated.

Source: Zhejiang News Client Responsible Editor: Li Xi_N2587