And this operation? Seventy-five thousand shepherd dogs of villagers were sold by theft gangs at 800 kilograms.

 And this operation? Seventy-five thousand shepherd dogs of villagers were sold by theft gangs at 800 kilograms.

Because dog meat has the effect of tonifying Qi and enhancing immunity.

It is especially popular in cold winter.

But then came the case of dog theft.

My own dog was stolen.

It must be sad.


Dog thieves also make many dog owners itch.

Recently, in order to catch the dog thieves,

The police of Jinan Nanshan Branch chased 120 kilometers by car.

The other sides car was chased until the tire burst, and then the other side gave up the resistance.

The thieves stole the dogs and sold them at a low price.

Two of them, worth 75,000 yuan, are German shepherds.

It was sold for 800 yuan.

Recently, Nanshan Public Security Bureau of Jinan captured a professional dog stealing gang.

Since November 2018,

Xiying Police Station in Southern Mountainous Area of Jinan

Continuous police reports of stolen dogs were received.

It is understood that since November 13, a number of dogs tied to the door have been stolen in Beilongwan, Nanlongwan and Huangluquan villages in the southern mountainous areas. Among them, a purebred German shepherd dog from Wangs family in Beilongwan village is worth more than 75,000 yuan.

In the surveillance outside Wangs house, the police found the vehicles used by the theft gangs. After careful investigation, analysis and judgment, the Nanshan Public Security Bureau successfully locked in three groups of theft, namely, Wei Mou, Fang Mou and Lu Mou, located in Zhangqiu.

On December 12, the Investigation Brigade of Nanshan Public Security Bureau and Xiying Police Station arrested Wei Mou and others.

At this time, three men of Wei were trampling near the Yellow River Township and Shuizhai Township in Zhangqiu, ready to continue the theft. The police immediately tracked down and arrested Wei Mou and others.

In the process of arrest, after Wei and others found the police vehicles, they chose the familiar terrain to attempt to flee in a roundabout way. The police drove 120 kilometers in pursuit, and eventually, Weimou and other peoples vehicles burst tires, the police successfully captured it.

According to Wei Mou and others, the three piloted a set of vehicles with dog cages in the trunk, stepped on the spot during the day and stole at night. They stole six watchdogs from villages and villagersdoors along the southern mountain highway. They stole six dogs, worth more than 80,000 yuan, and then sold them at a price of about 8 yuan per kilogram.

Two of them, worth 75,000 yuan, were sold by Wang Mou and others for about 800 yuan.

It has been verified that Wei Mou once stole sheep and other livestock from villagers in southern mountainous areas many times during 2015, which belongs to recidivism.

At present, Nanshan Public Security Bureau has taken criminal detention to Wei Mou and Wang Mou. Lumou, who is currently on the run, has made an online chase. The police reminded the fugitive Lu Mou that in recent years, they hope to return to the case as soon as possible, strive for leniency and return home for the Spring Festival.

Source: Liable Editor of Qilu Evening News: Zhao Yaping_NN9005