Wu Xiubos Capital Layout Exposure A-share-related listed companies are frightened

 Wu Xiubos Capital Layout Exposure A-share-related listed companies are frightened

According to the Tian Eye Inspection of West China Metropolitan Daily and cover journalists, Wu Xiubo has equity relations with 12 companies, of which 100% are controlled by Shanghai Zhongjunli Film and Television Culture Studio, Shanghai Xinxin Prestige Film and Television Culture Studio and Happy Sky Changxing Film and Television Culture Studio. However, at present, the operation status of the three companies has been shown to be cancelled.

Wu Xiubos huge loss in investing in the stock market

By the end of January 21, Happy Blue Sea shares were 8.92 yuan per share, down 0.11%. Wu Xiubo holds the Happy Blue Sea. So far, the stock price has fallen from its peak to nearly 80%, and book assets have shrunk sharply.

Wu Xiubo started again in June 2015. At that time, contemporary Oriental acquired Allied General Video by way of non-public issuance of shares, and Wu Xiubo took the opportunity to invest in shares.

Contemporary Orientals private offering price is 10.8 yuan per share. Wu Xiubo has subscribed 1.38 million shares through the management plan of Southern Capital, with a cost of 14.904 million yuan.

Since then, however, contemporary Oriental has suffered a failure of restructuring, and its share price has suffered a cliff-like decline. As of January 21, 2019, contemporary Orientals share price was less than 5 yuan. According to the contemporary price of 10.8 yuan per share of Oriental Private Offering, the stock price has been cut at the waist, and Wu Xiubos nearly 15 million yuan investment has lost more than half.

With the gradual fermentation of events, their participation in film and television works may also be affected. The film Love Saint 2, starring Wu Xiubo and Bai Baihe, is scheduled to be released on February 5 this year. As of 12 noon on Jan. 20, 153438 people had marked Want to see on the ticket-hunting movie APP, and the pre-sale of the film had been opened in advance.

Self-exposure and Wu Xiubos Love Actress Arrested Parents Write for Rescue

Lawyer Wu Xiubo Fangfa declared that the contents of Chen Yulins parentsopen letter were not true.

On January 18, Wu Xiubo Fangfas lawyer declared that the contents of the open letter were untrue and that the situation had been reflected to the public security organs, and the publisher would be investigated for legal responsibility.

Wu Xiubo derailment door hostess Chen Yulins friends to the media, Chen Yulin and Wu Xiubos contact details. The friend disclosed that Wu Xiubo had repeatedly prevented her from working and earning money in the course of their relationship. He claimed that he was now in the name of his wife and promised to marry her.