Employees in the cold supply chain with orders for the iPhone will not work overtime this New Year.

 Employees in the cold supply chain with orders for the iPhone will not work overtime this New Year.

According to Taiwans Economic Daily on January 21, since the advent of the iPhone in 2007, Apples supply chain has generally required employees to work overtime during the Lunar New Year, even hiring a large number of workers to cope with strong terminal demand a year ago. But this year, sales of the iPhone have been slow and supply chains have not worked overtime, which has been rare.

According to the report, it is generally expected that the off-season effect of this years Lunar New Year will be more significant, and the performance of relevant supply chains will be affected from the end of January to February, or even early March.

It is reported that in addition to the general absence of overtime in Apple index factories, some small apple suppliers have greatly reduced their orders, and some employees even begin to schedule their holidays early in the last week of January, or take a few more days off after the year. A supply chain employee privately said, This winter vacation is long enough, if deliberately arrange for vacation, half a month is also possible.

According to the Economic Daily, Apples supply chain, which has been named by the market, does not comment on single customer dynamics and orders, due to the low visibility of orders and the chilly sales of new Apple machines. Relevant companies emphasize that the New Years Day and the end of work are carried out according to their calendar.

As for the New Years production line, Dali Guang, which has a strong stock price recently, only responds to the demand-based adjustment. Yujinguang also admits that it will not work overtime unless there is urgent demand from customers.

Hon Hai, according to mainland sources, last year Foxconn Zhengzhou plant production peak season to about November, the end of December last year has gradually entered the traditional off-season, the first quarter of this year also did not require special overtime, the current local situation is calm, there is no overtime manpower demand.

Heshuo said that the companys Lunar New Years meeting should rest for at least three days, after which it should arrange working hours depending on the business conditions of the factories.

PCB factory, in response to the traditional off-season and factory automation, this years Lunar New Year routine shift mode. Zhan Ding mentioned that market visibility is relatively poor this year, and there are many external variables. We look forward to a clear market situation after the Lunar New Year.

Yaohua said that at present, it seems preliminarily that January production can still meet the market demand, so it is not necessary to make special scheduling during the New Years holiday, and adopt flexible production, which belongs to routine scheduling and equipment maintenance during the holidays.

Reported that the industry pointed out that from the current market demand, the first quarter was originally the industry off-season, coupled with Apples unsatisfactory sales in the mainland market, supply chain production line overtime situation is minimal, if customer demand is not high, but also overtime, will increase costs.

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