Will it be Wechats most powerful challenger?

 Will it be Wechats most powerful challenger?

What other scenes are more suitable for expressing good wishes than watching the Spring Festival Gala on New Years Eve? If the effect is good, then the social product of tremble may be able to quickly break through the circle and harvest a wave of users as quickly as possible.

Du Yi, Practice Editor for Reporter Xu Ailian

The gust of social rivers and lakes is still blowing.

On Jan. 15, Zhang Yiming and Byte Jump, the latest video social product - multi-flash officially announced. The social products launched on the same day include Wang Xins toilet MT and Luo Yonghaos chat treasure of hammer technology. Three social apps have been released one after another, three British war Lybus, collective call board Weixin.

The biggest challenger to ambition is tremor.

Just two days after the launch of social app for short videos with tremolo, another big move was offered. On the afternoon of January 18, CCTV held a press conference with short video of tremolo, and Daily Economic News reporters learned on the spot that CCTV officially announced that tremolo would become the exclusive social media communication platform of CCTVs Spring Festival Gala in 2019.

Internet companies and Spring Festival Gala sweetly hand in hand, as early as many years ago has been popular, whether it is the name or interaction, the emergence of Internet companies in Spring Festival Gala is becoming more and more intensive. This Spring Festival Gala, just two days after the official announcement of short video social products, announced that tremblers ambition to completely emerge from the social sphere is self-evident, but whether it can hit immediately, release and test the social ability of trembler on the platform of Spring Festival Gala is also an unknown.

The Chinese Spring Festival Gala carries different feelings of reunion. The Spring Festival Gala is also an indispensable scenic spot for all Chinese people. It seems that the Spring Festival Gala is really celebrated only after listening to Unforgettable Tonight.

Aiming at the vast user groups behind, multi-gold Internet giants have been intimately shocked with the Spring Festival Gala. Tencent, Ali and other Internet companies flocked to the Spring Festival Gala is not new, and this year is the same. On January 17, Baidu announced that it would become the exclusive network interactive platform for CCTVs Spring Festival Gala in 2019. The tremble and the Spring Festival Gala quickly confirmed their eyes.

On the Spring Festival Gala, the drunken man does not care about wine, but about social interaction.

It is understood that on New Years Eve, the tremolo station will be online imitation show to let users experience the scene of the Spring Festival Gala. At the same time, overseas, TikTok (Overseas Vibration Edition) platform will also promote overseas Chinese to participate in the Spring Festival Gala through co-shooting, mirror-grabbing and other play methods. Relying on artificial intelligence, tremolo has developed a series of stickers and special effects on Spring Festival themes, such as eating dumplings, pulling couplets and so on. When users make New Years greeting gestures, there will be golden treasures, lanterns, spring couplets and other Spring Festival elements in the camera screen, while triggering the background music of the Spring Festival.

Whether its a new way of playing or a variety of effects, behind the excitement is the tremble, hoping to make a difference in the social sphere during the Spring Festival. Reporters noted that while CCTV declared tremolo as the exclusive social media platform, tremolo also announced the online follow-up function, launching activities such as musicals, colorful heads to make use of the social attributes of tremolo to open up young groups.

Previously, there was a product description for the new products released by tremolo, including a red envelope video: on the basis of supporting ordinary red envelopes, a video red envelope was developed, which can be used to express blessings or request apologies by video, and can be used in more scenarios.

What other scenes are more suitable for expressing good wishes than watching the Spring Festival Gala on New Years Eve? If the effect is good, then the social product of tremble may be able to quickly break through the circle and harvest a wave of users as quickly as possible.

This way, Wechat payment used to rely on Wechat red envelope to go through. It is widely concerned by the industry that whether tremble can replicate the miracle of Wechat red envelope in that year? Public information display, in 2014, born out of the Ma Huateng Spring Festival to the company staff profit is (red envelopes) WeChat grab red envelopes play detonated social media, also quickly led the WeChat payment users geometric level growth, let WeChat pay into the core of Alipay battlefield, today, the two big payment giants are still fierce competition.

Some analysts told reporters frankly, not excluding the trembler hope that through the Spring Festival Gala to achieve the purpose of social circle. The product was not officially launched at the product presentation on January 15, and the Spring Festival Gala was a good opportunity.

As trembler moves further into the social sphere, the gunpowder between trembler and Wechat becomes stronger and stronger.

Wechat is a super APP with over 1 billion months of life, and trembler has exceeded 500 million. Tencent itself has not made a pop-up APP in the field of short video. Although todays headline CEO Chen Lin repeatedly said on January 15 that he did not want to take Wechat as a competitor because the functions and demands of both sides were different, this did not eliminate the opposition between the two sides in the slightest way - in Wechat can not open multi-flash download links.

Tencents director of public relations also responded: anyone in every field can do it, or focus on making products.

In the future, tremble and Wechat, byte beating and Tencent may have a stronger gunpowder flavor. But can Wechats status be shaken? In an interview with Voice of China, Xiang Ligang, a telecommunications industry observer and CEO of Flying Elephant Network, said that Weixins status was hard to shake. We always want to find a chance to find a breakthrough and make a product. In a more successful field, there are many people to do products, which is very normal. As for who can shake the status of Wechat, it is still hard to see.

But Xiang Ligang also said that there is a big difference between Twitter and Twitter, which may attract more young peoples attention. This has become an entry point. Twitter is used to socialize through video. Video in 5G era may become a more important platform. I think its more or less a much stronger opportunity than those two (toilet MT and chat treasure).

Source: Daily Economic News Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056