The programmer was accused of killing the founder of the game company by running around and calling it 6 million drifters.

 The programmer was accused of killing the founder of the game company by running around and calling it 6 million drifters.

Editor Liang Ye

What does it mean for a startup when programmers delete libraries and run away?

Yin Bailin, founder of Crab Network, told Caijing Weekly that he had returned to work as a game planner with a monthly forecast of tens of millions of yuan. He had no house and car in Shenzhen, and his child was about to be born. He could not slow down for nearly three months. And all of this is given by Yan Feihong, the runners main programmer.

On January 20, an announcement from Crab Network, a game company, began to circulate on Weibo. The announcement said that on the day of online testing, a game on Crab Network was locked up by the main programmer at the back end of the server and computer, refused to hand over the work, and ultimately cost two years, resulting in the failure of a project with 6 million yuan.

This announcement was forwarded by those things on the Internet and other microblogging Vs. Some netizens in the comments said that programmers deleted libraries and ran away. More netizens questioned the companys reliance on a back-end programmer. In the industry communication group such as Shenzhen Hand-Tour Back-Tuning Group, peers began to exchange the story of the protagonist, and even some people said, I am in several game industry recruitment groups have spread.

Finance and Economics Weekly contacted Yin Bailin, founder of Crab Network, who described how the start-up company had fallen all the way to the bottom of the event. Finance and Economics Weekly also tried to contact Yan Feihong himself, but as of the time of publication, there was no effective way to contact Yan Feihong.

One of the biggest doubts people have is how a programmer who has just come to the company for three months can drag down a game project that costs 6 million yuan and develops for two years. Who was developing the game before, and was there any other secret?

Yin Bailin said: Start-ups can not afford to raise idle people, Yan Feihong responsible for the back end, before the company was also responsible for only one person. At that time, my predecessor got along well with his colleagues, but he had some health problems. He left Shenzhen with his wife and children and went back to his hometown to recover from illness. The company was just before the game went online, he had to know Yan Feihong through friends.

Yin Bailin was surprised to find that Yan Feihong and himself are fellow countrymen and alumni, and their technical abilities have passed the test. He has given the position of technical director (equivalent to the head of technical department) and 40,000 yuan monthly salary. It was quite unreasonable, but at that time our project had been suspended. If he does well, a higher salary is acceptable.

In the announcement, Yan Feihong said that his mind is different from ordinary people. Company colleagues and Yan Feihong are difficult to communicate, when he does the back-end himself, there is no problem, as soon as he cooperates with the front-end and planning, all kinds of abuse come up. Yin Bailin said that Yan Feihong often left early for dinner, and his desperate colleagues had great opinions about him. However, his rank is technical partner, Yan Feihong said: they are ordinary employees, I am the management, I want to do what I want. In the company, you have to be careful to coax him and get him special computer desks and chairs.

Contradictions erupted on the day the game was tested online. At the noon plenary meeting, Yan Feihong could not invite him. Yin Bailin went to invite him personally, but he broke the keyboard and left. The game will go online at 2 p.m. They thought he would go out for dinner as usual, but Yan Feihong never returned to the company. His computer password, server password, no one can understand. In-game measurements eventually come to naught.

The game, originally called Life Anger, has a budget of 1 million yuan and takes 8 months, but its development has been delayed for more than a year. By this time, the monthly expenditure will be more than 100,000 yuan. We really have no money. After the internal test bubble soup, the front-end main programmer was quite disappointed. Everyone had a hard year, and eventually fell into this consequence, the mentality will collapse. Eight months after the final rescue, the project was declared a failure.

Yin Bailin, a game planner, worked for seven or eight years and invested all the 1 million yuan he saved in the project. Another industrial partner also invested his 3 million yuan. After the project failed, Yin had to close down the company. He described himself in Shenzhen as having nothing, being 33 years old without a car or a house, and having a wife to give birth, only working for a living.

In the planning, Wrath of Life is a RTS + real-time elimination of combat games, global uniformity. We are on an independent game route, and we have great hopes for word-of-mouth. Players who have tried the game have praised the mechanism of the game in spite of many shortcomings. According to Yin Bolins prediction, this game will be able to reach the level of 10 million yuan in the future. But all this is now in vain.

Runners were pulled into the blacklist

On the day of Yan Feihongs running, Weibo Vs chief insider tube revealed that he had also changed the signature of social media into auspicious, crab-hung, with no regret.

Later, he remembered that the provident fund was still hanging in the company and he was about to buy a house, so he begged me to hand it over to him and return to the company. Yin Bailin also hoped that he could transfer the company at least, but all his colleagues strongly opposed it and failed to pass it. Yin Bailin said that since then, Yan Feihong has returned to the company to make a big noise, and there have been physical conflicts. At that time, considering the face, Crab Network did not expose the matter. Now that the company has gone bankrupt, he chose to issue an announcement warning his peers.

As for the loss, it is also unable to make up for it. Yan Feihong said he was going through legal proceedings to sue the other party and was discussing the matter with his lawyer. But he admitted that the day of the incident to the police, no matter what, litigation will be a very long process. Yan Feihong now works for another game company, Shenzhen Parallel Universe Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. Yin Bailin also contacted the other party and told the weekly Financial World that both sides are dealing with this matter. When the magazine called Shenzhen Parallel Universe, no one answered. Yan Feihong himself has no way to contact him on the Internet, and the Weekly Journal of Finance and Economics tries to contact him through other ways without success.

On the day of the announcement, Yan Feihongs name spread quickly in the Shenzhen Tour Circle. Some practitioners said, I am in several game industry recruitment groups have spread. In the peer exchange group, there are also practitioners exposed his past deeds. A practitioner of Jiuliu Mutual Entertainment (Shenzhen I Love Me Network Technology Co., Ltd.) said that Yan Feihong could not write a basic framework of a simple mahjong program in three or four months at the company, and hired the R&D manager on the first day of the closed test.

Yin Bailin confessed that the first person responsible for the incident was himself, and he did not know people accurately. But many netizens said that there is an inside story, in fact, there is no, Yan Feihongs character is too exotic, harmful to others and self-serving, unable to use normal logic to infer. After the dissolution of the company, Yin Bailin had three months to blame herself for nothing. I put all my savings into it, and now I have nothing, but I cant let him continue to endanger the game industry. As for netizensdonations, I appreciated the kindness, but I started my own business and took the consequences myself.

Game entrepreneurship enters the spring

2018 is undoubtedly a winter of games, especially for start-ups.

If a game wants to go on the market, it needs to apply to the Ministry of Culture for the record and the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio and Television for the version number. However, since March 28, there is no domestic online game number issued, and the number of cases filed is very small. If there is no version number, the game can not be charged for cash even if it is filed. Tencents Jedi Survival: Stimulating the Battlefield has no revenue contribution, and the introduction of Monster Hunter: The World is still in the testing stage.

In August 2018, eight ministries and commissions issued the Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia among Children and Adolescents, and the total amount control of online games was implemented with paper documents. Affected by this, the price of an old version is speculated to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan. IGG, Netdragon, Giant Internet and other game stocks have fallen sharply, and small start-ups have been forced to switch industries.

In December 2018, the game version number was finally lifted. Feng Shixin, deputy director of the Publishing Bureau of the Ministry of Publicity of China, said that the first batch of games had been audited and the number of releases was being issued. Due to the large stock of declared games, digestion would take some time. On that day, Tencents share price rose 4.51%, its market value returned to HK$3 trillion, and shares such as Youjiu games and Youjie networks rose and stopped directly.

But all this has nothing to do with Yin Bolin. He said his game got its version number in 2017 because of its unique way of playing. In the cold winter of hand travel, we all do skin-changing games, dawdling, but we want to do a good game of innovative methods, may become a pop money.

As a result of this storm, he has reverted to working men and said goodbye to the start-ups that invested all their savings. Nowadays, iTunes games on Crab Network issue accounts because they are clean in history, instead lending friends to issue skin-changing games.

Source: Liable Editor of Finance and Economics: Yao Liwei_NT6056