U.S. ships entered the Black Sea and Russian lawmakers warned stay away from the Russian coastline

 U.S. ships entered the Black Sea and Russian lawmakers warned stay away from the Russian coastline

The US missile destroyer Donald Cook entered the Black Sea on the 19th. According to the U.S. Navy, U.S. ships go to the Black Sea to carry out maritime security operations.

Russias Black Sea fleet is monitoring the activities of the U.S. warship. Alexei Pashkov, a member of the Russian Federation Committee, the upper house of parliament, warned US ships on the 20th that they were far from the Russian coastline.

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The US Navys Sixth Fleet said in a statement Wednesday that the destroyer Donald Cook, sailing into the Black Sea, will carry out maritime security operations with NATO partners in the region to enhance maritime stability in the region.

Russian Defense Control Center confirmed that the Donald Cook sailed into the Black Sea at 20:50 Moscow time (1:50 Beijing time) on the 19th, and the Russian Black Sea Fleet Knowledge frigate was subsequently monitored.

According to Matthew Powell, the commander of the US destroyer, the entry of the US ship into the Black Sea will demonstrate the navys ability to cooperate in achieving common security objectives, so that the US can effectively respond to future crises or threats of aggression.

The United States is not a coastal country of the Black Sea. According to the Montreux Treaty signed in 1936, American ships can not stay in the Black Sea for more than 21 days.

Several Russian and Ukrainian ships clashed in the Black Sea last November. The Russian side intercepted and detained three Ukrainian vessels and their personnel, and designated that the other side deliberately provoked; the Ukrainian side designated that the Russian ships deliberately collided with Ukrainian vessels. The incident caused a sudden tension in the region and Ukraine turned to Western countries for help. The U.S. Navy then announced that it was considering sending a destroyer into the Black Sea.

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A Russian court ruled this week to extend the detention period of Ukrainian vessels and personnel for three months, Reuters reported. It is not clear whether this is a direct incentive for US destroyers to sail into the Black Sea.

The Donald Cook sailed into the Black Sea, causing dissatisfaction among Russian officials.

Russian Federation Committee member Pashkov 20 in the social media Twitter that the U. S. naval vessel into the Black Sea by the U. S. domestic political drive, has nothing to do with U. S. national security.

American ships are becoming regular customers in the Black Sea. These activities have nothing to do with American security, he said. They flaunt flags, send signals to us and please their own members of Congress, who ask them to send a fleet into the Black Sea. They should stay away from our shoreline.

The US McHenry Fort landing ship sailed into the Black Sea on the 6th of this month, and the Russian Knowledge frigate of the Black Sea Fleet also took various surveillance measures. (Yan Jie) (Special Draft of Xinhua News Agency)

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